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The Benefits of a cyber security Career

If you have a passion for all things web-related, there are many great careers that you are able to pursue. One that should seriously be considered by anyone seeking a new challenge is cyber security, which is a field heavily in demand with cybercrime on the rise, and there are many great reasons to consider a career switchinto this area. A career in cyber security can be a rewarding and lucrative one, plus those that already have strong knowledge of all things web-related will be in a good position to get started. So, why is this a field to consider for a new career? Read on for the main benefits of moving into a career in cyber security.

There Is A Mass Shortage

Currently, there is a mass shortage of cyber security professionals and a rush to fill these positions. Of course, there has been a shortage for a while, but the pandemic, rise of remote work, and development of advanced new threats have created an even greater need for cyber security across the board, and the lack of professionals is putting organizations at great risk. It is reported that there are around 3.5 million unfilled positions around the world in 2021, up from 1 million positions in 2014, so it should not be too challenging to find work. This means now is a good time to start a career in this field, but you will want to stand out from the crowd by earning a good online cyber security degree.

Earning Potential Is High

The earning potential is an important factor when choosing a career path, and the salaries that you can command in cyber security will certainly entice you. At the top end, an information security manager has an average salary of between $125,000 to $215,000. An entry-level cyber security analyst, meanwhile, has an average salary range between $64,418 and $77,464. This means that this is a good field to get into if you want to have a lucrative career, and those that rise to leadership positions with an online cyber securitydegree can earn a healthy amount for their work.

You Get Good Job Security

When you have a skill that is in demand in a field predicted to grow in the coming years, you can rest assured knowing that you have good job security. You cannot put a price on job security, and this is something that many people have discovered during COVID-19, so this could be a great career change if you have lost your job, or you are looking for something that has greater security than other roles. Cybercrime will only develop and get bigger, so you can be sure that cyber security professionals will always be required, and you should be able to find work without too much difficulty with a good online cyber securitydegree.


Following this point, you will also find that there is a great flexibility with a career in cyber security because it is a skill that is needed in all areas. For example, you can work from anywhere globally (and often remotely), and you can work as part of a large cyber security firm, as a self-employed specialist, or simply provide cyber security for a small business or nonprofit. This flexibility and freedom are a major pull for many people who like the idea of working in multiple industries, with many different people, and anywhere in the world.

You Get to Make A Positive Difference

Another major reason to consider a career in cyber security is that you know that you are making a positive difference in the world. Of course, having a high earning potential and job security is great, but when you get the job satisfaction from making a positive difference in the world, it can make all the difference to your life. In addition, cybercrime is a growing problem affecting businesses and organizations of all sizes worldwide and individuals in a data-driven time, so you can get satisfaction from protecting people against malicious attacks and knowing that you are playing a key role in the war on cybercrime.

There Are Many Areas to Pursue

Cyber security these days is an incredibly broad term, and there are many different areas to pursue and job titles to learn about. This means that it should not be too hard to find an area that interests you, and it is always possible to explore new areas if you want a new challenge. A few popular areas that are worth looking into if you are considering a career in cyber security include:

Ethical hacking 

– Network security engineer

– Cyber security analyst

– System engineer

– Software developer

– Security architect

– Cryptographer

– Security consultant


It Is Always Changing

If you want a job that is different every day and is always changing, then this will be a good field for you. cyber security is constantly changing due to new threats being developed, new technological trends, and changing global habits. The pandemic has been a good example of this as people switching to remote work has led to an explosion in cyber attacks, which means that cyber security professionals need to be on their toes and committed to continuous learning. It is stressful and time-consuming to stay up to date with the latest developments, but this is also all part of the excitement and can make your job more engaging than your typical office job.

Unlimited Growth

Leading on from this, this also means that there is unlimited growth when it comes to cyber security. It is rare to work in an industry where there is no set ceiling, but cyber security is so broad and fast changing that it means that there are constantly new roles being created, skills to develop, and challenges to overcome. This means that the sky is the limit for a career in cyber security, and it is exciting to think about what the future holds for the industry.


You Get to Work with People & Independently

Another perk to a career in cyber security is that there is a good balance between working with other people and working by yourself. You will have to work as part of a team to deliver solutions to clients and work closely with people and explain what you are doing to offer protection, which means that communication skills are strong, and you must be able to connect and build relationships with people. However, while there is certainly a social side to cyber security, you will also be working independently a lot of the time, which is likely to involve remote work opportunities. This healthy balance between the two will work well for many people and could provide good job satisfaction.


You Can Earn Qualifications Online

While you might be able to find some work without a degree, you will find it much easier to secure work and the higherpaying positions with an online cyber security degree. A masters degree would be ideal because this will teach you everything that you need to know to protect businesses and individuals from modernday threats and develop the key skills needed to secure leadership roles. Keep in mind that 1 in 4 employers look for someone with a masters online cyber security degree, so it is certainly worthwhile if embarking on a career in this field. Additionally, an online cyber security degree can be completed entirely online, which provides flexibility and can make it easier to fit into a busy schedule.


There Is A Strong Community

It is often not the top of people’s priorities when looking at a new career path, but you will find that cyber security is a field with a very strong community that can actually be a major plus. As a relatively new area but one that is incredibly important, broad, and required extensively around the world, cyber securityprofessionals enjoy engaging with one another and supporting each other. You will benefit from engaging with communities online, attending industry events, and generally networking at every opportunity. Not only is this helpful in terms of feeling supporting and getting advice, but you might also find that this helps to open up new career opportunities, especially when you can build and maintain a large global network of cyber security professionals.


It Is Never Dull

The stakes are high when it comes to cyber security, and this means that it is never dull. This is not a career for someone that sees their job as a means to an end and is only in it for the money, as working in cyber security requires a strong work ethic, the ability to operate in high-pressure situations, and great problem-solving skills. It can be stressful, and you are likely to take your work home with you, but the thrill that it can provide can also be a huge plus and something that many people enjoy. This means that there will be times when you do not succeed, and this can be hard to swallow, but the key is to learn from your mistakes and come back stronger the next time.


Job Culture Can Vary

In some industries, you know what you will be getting when it comes to job culture. This is not the case withcyber security, as every business will have a different approach. You might find that some places, such as cyber security firms working with large businesses, have a more formal approach where you may have to dress in a suit and maintain professionalism at all times, while smaller businesses might allow for casual dress. Some might work entirely remotely, while others might be more customer-facing. The fact that cultures can vary so much is beneficial when you consider the shortage, which means that you should be able to find a company with a culture to your taste, particularly if you have a strong online cyber securitydegree.


Recruiters Will Seek You Out

Another major benefit of working in a field with a shortage is that you should get plenty of opportunities to fall on your lap, especially if you have a masters online cyber security degree. There are few industries where opportunities often arise, and having recruiters seek you out will make it easier to keep an eye on what is out there and could allow you to make the best career decisions. Having recruiters seek you out is a great position to be in, and even if you are happy where you are, it can still give you a confidence boost and could work in your favor when it comes to salary negotiations. Therefore, make sure to take an online cyber security degree.


Work/Life Balance Is Possible

It might sound like work/life balance is not easy with cyber security as the work can be stressful and demanding, but the truth is that you can enjoy a good work/life balance with the right employer in this field. These days, it is not unusual for people to work up to 80 hours a week in certain industries, but this is rare in cyber security because you offer so much value to employers, and they will want to keep you happy. Additionally, the fact that you often get great autonomy and work remotely means that many enjoy a good work/life balance. It can be stressful, you can take work home with you, and you might often be on call, but you should also be able to find a role that allows you to enjoy your free time, and if not, then you can be sure that there is another job out there that will.


There are many benefits to a career in cyber security, and anyone with interest in all things digital and the web should certainly consider this as a career path (especially if you are seeking a new challenge) and look into an online cyber security degree. The fact that there is a mass shortage and a rush to fill positions bring a range of benefits in itself, but also you get immense job satisfaction with this type of work because you know that you are making a positive difference to the world by protecting people and businesses from the very serious and real threat of cybercrime.


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