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The Beginning Of Tech Companies In 40 Legendary Photos

Today we have a special post for you guys. We want to present you 40 legendary photos from the beginning of tech companies, companies that represent a big part of our life. Imagine to live without Google, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon and many other. 

When these photos were taken, be sure that they didn’t know that they will somehow rule the world and be famous for that. These companies together have more money and power than many important countries.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs with an Apple I, 1976

Apple II Team, Stevens Creek 1978.

Steve Jobs and Woz, circa 1980.

Apple HQ in Cupertino, 1981.

Apple Lisa Team, 1983.

Apple co-founders, Apple IIc launch 1984.

With John Sculley in Central Park, 1984.

Fortune Magazine, Job’s Palo Alto home 1991

Steve Jobs & Gil Amelio at Apple Town Hall, 1996.

Microsoft co-founders, 1975.

First 11 Microsoft members, 1978.

Steve Ballmer joined Microsoft on June 11, 1980.

Microsoft co-founders, 1981.

Bill Gates introducing Windows 1.0, 1983.

Young Bill Gates, 1985

Bill Gates, 1985.

Windows 3.0 launch, 1990.

Microsoft releasing Windows 95, 1995.

Founders of Adobe Systems, 1982.

Adobe founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock with Steve Jobs, 1985.

Intel founders and its first hire, 1978.

Intel Santa Clara facility, 1970.

IBM chairman and president with an IBM 360 computer, circa 1970.

IBM 7090 computer, 1961.

HP founders, 1963.

The headquarters of Samsung, 1930s.

Lee Byung-chull: founder of Samsung Group, 1976.

Samsung 5 millionth TV (most in the world) produced, 1978.

Oracle Founders celebrate Oracle’s first anniversary, 1978.

Michael Dell, circa 1987.

DELL production facility, circa 1989.

Google co-founders, California 1999.

The original Google platform, 1998.

First Google Team, California 1999.

Mayer joined Google in June 1999.

Yahoo! founders, circa 1994.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, 1994.

eBay Founder with CEO, circa 1998.

Facebook co-founders, 2004.

YouTube Founders, 2005.


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