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The Adventurequests Of Danton Diphthong

The Adventurequests of Danton Diphthong is the first episode of an animated show that Alex Varanese wrote out of a desire to create something silly, energetic and dialogue-driven. Like other “ambiguously foreign” characters such as Perfect Strangers’ archetypal Balki Bartokomous, much of the humor is derived from the titular Danton’s misunderstanding of social cues .

A self-professed expert on literally everything except the definition of the word “literally”, Danton speaks almost exclusively to the audience as he careens from one plot point to the next, explaining his motivations and offering advice of dubious value. Additionally, the action is periodically interrupted by infographic animations that illustrate Danton’s explanations of various phenomena in the style of educational film reels from the 50’s and 60’s.

Danton Diphthong: Episode 1 from Alex Varanese on Vimeo.



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