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Ten Stunning Website Designs in Pastels

Choosing the right colour scheme for a website is a vital step in the design process – no website designer would want to give his viewers a headache due to an abundance of intense red splashed throughout the website or, on the contrary, fail to awake their interest by going for the classic black and white combination.

If you’re interested in avoiding these conundrums, we suggest you have a look over these ten websites in pastel colours. Why pastel, you might ask? Because they complement one another beautifully and you won’t have to worry about mismatching them; because they’re a breath of fresh air in web design and because they’ll make your website stand out.

The Solasié website represents the homonymic clothing brand whose motto is “being sporty everywhere”. The website’s colour scheme stays true to this motto – light brown, soft dark purple and gray render an outdoors-like feeling which, along with the sound of waves playing, will transport you on an Italian beach right away. 1

This is a website created by the popular chocolate company, Kinder, for a children photography campaign ‘Everyone Smiles in the Same Language’. The website skillfully manages to combine elements that attract attention, like the dangling photographs, with calm, pastel colours that guide the visitor’s eye to the areas of interest within the page.


The interaction designer Chikezie Ejiasi created and designed his own website to showcase his work and stay in touch with fans. His selection of pastels matches the beautiful lion logo on the front page, subtly playing up its beauty; moreover, the unique ochre dominant on the front page is skillfully combined with a lion print, so that you get the feeling of taking a walk in the savannah.



Sweez is a stylish Brazilian website filled with nothing but goodies! Images of cupcakes, ice creams and cappuccinos seem almost life-like thanks to vibrant and beautiful pastels such as baby pink, sky magenta and blue, all carefully toned down by hues of brown and gray. This website looks absolutely delicioso.



The Make Your Money Matter movement tries to educate people on the advantages that come with joining a credit union. The website pertaining to it is definitely one of a kind, taking a different approach than what we’re used to when accessing a website about credit union, loans and interest rates: there are no austere colours and simple typography. Instead, you access a fun and interactive website with a welcoming atmosphere created by lovely pastels such as light beige, pistachio, dark olive green and burnt orange.



Letsyep is an app developed for those who are interested in meeting like-minded people by only having to follow a few steps – choosing an activity, submitting a request and then choosing a partner or be chosen by one. The app was created in order to bring a touch of adventure and excitement in our lives, much like its corresponding website does: against the light gray of the city background, we see cheerful mascots in pastel red, birds in pumpkin hues and possible ‘meeting’ points that stand out in pastels such as cerulean blue and dark lavender. This website is a great example of how to mix and match pastels in order to make important elements stand out.



Pastels have soft and beautiful tones that remind us of some of the attributes of femininity, so what better way to put them to good use in web design than by embellishing a website for The Businesswoman’s Conference? The elegant and chic design is draped in a mixture of dégradé salmon pink and dark brown for the background, while the sketch of a woman in the close-up alternates between coral, cinnamon hues of orange and light brown, reminding us of the feminine figures in old posters of French fashion.



Everylastdrop is a website trying to educate the population of the United Kingdom on how to save water and prevent unnecessary water usage in the household. The interactive parallax scrolling site displays bits of information about water usage with the help of multi-coloured pop-up boxes that change colour as the viewer changes scenery, ranging from petrol grey to dark orange. The ‘journey’ starts off in a bedroom decorated in cozy pastels such as icterine and soft dark pink and ends in space, where we are surrounded by quirky planets in a combination of golden yellow, light blue and pink as well as by a moon in golden yellow and india green. This website is, all in all, an amazing journey in the universe of pastels.


Sleek. Edgy. Daring. Amazing. We’re talking about Suzanne Jean-Christophe’s website. She’s a creative front-end developer dedicated to quality results; her website has a futuristic look imparted by the colours used, for example dark pastel purple next to cool blue or a touch of bright yellow added to a splash of elegant brown. is full of surprises and it will take you through the world of high-class freelance design in…pastels.


Buffalo is an English web design and development agency dedicated to building websites that look great and are easy to use. It’s made up of a few young and enthusiastic individuals who created a website for their agency which exudes the same qualities that they have – is draped in a beautiful variety of pastels. Pops of azure blue add vitality to the reassuring neutral background, while touches of coral go hand in hand with the light gray typography. This sharp and delightful website speaks volumes about the power of pastels.


We’ve given you ten amazing reasons to take pastels into consideration for your next web design project. All you have to do is decide which colours are your favourite and then just “go pastel” – you’ll be surprised with the results.


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