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Stavronikita Photography Project

The SS Stavronikita lies at the bottom of the ocean at 13.8 N, 59.38 W, right off the Caribbean island of Barbados. It is the spot Andreas Franke has discovered and chosen to stage a game full of overflowing decadence and exuberance.

Three young ladies court gossip during a lavish picnic, accompanied by eminently trimmed and trained poodles. A woman in a blue dress obliviously indulges in a piece of cake, surrounded by an extravagant amount of overelaborate pastries and confectionaries. It is a typical image of Rococo: disgraceful, self-indulgent and immoderate.

Andreas Franke presents you with one of the most flashing and flamboyant epochs of European style and cultural history in the midst of a scenery, in which nature displays all of its own abundance and prodigality.


















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