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Some Very Detailed Examples of Booklet Designs

Everybody knows by now what a booklet is, and probably you’ve seen one and maybe you didn’t even noticed. Why? Because most of the booklets out there are boring, made only because someone forced to do it. Unfortunately or not, these booklets are quickly forgotten and thrown away.

In this article you can see a collection of very well made booklet design ideas which I hope you’ll enjoy.

The Rules for the Conduct of Life Booklet

The Rules for the Conduct of Life was a somewhat dusty old book first published in 1740 as a set of standards for Freemen of The City of London. St Lawrence Jewry is the official church of The City of London and it’s vicar Canon David Parrott recently translated the text into modern English.

Print Handbook Booklet

We really wanted something that was compact and included a lot of the questions we had about printing, as well as reference material. There’s a lot of advice around about different areas of printing, but we wanted to see it in the flesh. For example, we had questions like “we know using a rich black with 40% cyan is often recommended by printers, but does this give you a black that is too cool in colour?”. So in the handbook we’ve got some examples for comparison.

“Print is Not Dead” Booklet

This booklet is used in a marketing campaign to educate consumers that print is not dead. But rather it is very much alive and breathing and is a crucial component to any successful marketing or advertising effort.

DeviantART Event Booklet

At deviantART we have a pervasive urban/textural style to a lot of our branded work, and considering this booklet was a special party invitation I wanted to do something that would stand out. We all knew it needed to be a keepsake, since our community loves attending events and would want to remember our 10th birthday for a long time.

Lindholmen Science Park Brochure

The brochure produced for Lindholmen Science Park by Milk Advertising Agency is a traditional affair almost to the end: a 16-page booklet, with offset printing and a design that is inspired and guided by the client’s logo. Carefully considered typography and imagery that tell a story from page to page. Pages that share a noticeable common element: a 36 millimeter punched hole—a hole that had to be punched on each brochure individually (rather than in bulk).

New Zealand Department of Labor Booklets

This is a very creative way to offer information regarding how much do you need to work in Zealand before you can retire, pension plans and much more.


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