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Smart Pedigree Communication Campaign

With the launch of their specially-formulated healthy dogfood range, it was time for nutrition to come to the forefront of Pedigree’s communication. But – how to be memorable in a category filled with similar promises? And how to make a meaningful impact in the world of Social Media?

The Power Pooches. Portraits of super-dogs and their spheres of influence. All paid off with one simple promise: “Stronger, healthier dogs.”

A spike in sales of 31% in the months following the campaign launch. Coupled with a noticable drop in flabby fidos around town. Woof, indeed.



A very simple addition to the bent signposts around town – a very large, broken dogchain. A reminder of the product promise … as well as the tardiness of roadsign maintenance.

With Tim Brothers help, Pedigree invited their Facebook friends to (temporarily) swap their profile pic with their beloved dog’s… Suggesting that their “Power Pooch” had successfully mutinied and taken over the family laptop. And yet another ‘testimony’ to Pedigree’s powerful promise. Prewritten comments were translated in both doggish and English… And all willing subordiates were offered giveaways of free dogfood to assuage their new ‘masters’!

To boost audience engagement and dialogue, an activation was run on Pedigree’s own site – encouraging viewers to share their personal Power Pooch stories. Peer voting was implemented, to maximise sharing – with the overall winners scoring a year’s supply of the powerful stuff. And a video compilation of the best clips was also produced.

Author : Tim Brothers


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