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Selected Tools That Work Brilliant

We have lots of friends that call us and ask for a showcase of selected tools that work brilliant. They want to see tested tools, not just tools. That’s why we want to share with you these 14 tools that will help you a lot and will make your projects easier . Pick any of it and you will fall in love.
1. BeTheme


Highly attractive, professional and creative… This sums up the BeTheme from the Muffin Group, one of the biggest and greatest libraries of WordPress themes, that fit anybody, thanks to the big variety of templates (over 190!). In the process of designing your website, you have many features that you can use, such as choosing different menus for different pages, uploading any font you want and use for website, making one page websites with nice scroll effect and many others.

Fortunately, all of these can be made easy as pie, thanks to the drag-and-drop builder, which will guide you in building your site from the start to the end. However, you can also benefit from more advanced options, like creating your own e-commerce store, using the smooth & reliable parallax effect or using HTML5 / CSS3. Depending on your coding experience, you can choose what options to do, reason why BeTheme is made for everyone. Good luck in making beautiful sites, we are waiting for your opinions!

2. can offer you an invaluable service – automatic screenshots. This means you get more time for any other type of advertising, and that you are less stressed about this annoying process. You can test it for free online directly on their website, by just entering your URL in the bar and waiting to get about six screenshots, obviously of smaller size than you can use. You can see its amazing speed so you’ll know it’s an efficient process. You can make a free account with a few amazing features: automated website previews and plugin integration. Some of them are so useful for any kind of administrator you are. Go there to find more.


Flyzoo Chat provides all you need to reach, connect and engage your audience.You can start your free trail which lasts 14 days, with no credit card required. When your free trial is over, you can the choose WOW package which costs $9.90, the PRO package for $19.90, the Jumbo package for $39.90 or the Ultra one for $89.90.

We strongly recommend you try it out because you won’t regret it! It is an amazing and simple mean of communicating and engaging people! Don’t forget that it’s a cloud based chat, so there isn’t a server load. Enjoy a fast message delivery without using your server’s resources.


4. Iconfinder

You can check out if you desire to get a personalized icon or logo for your company. With their recently launched custom icon design service, you get in touch with the best icon designers in the world. From icon experts to your project’s designers. With a fully handled process by the platform, from the start to the end, you can choose your preferred designer, after you complete a design brief with all of the details needed by them to create a right idea for the task and your target customers, you can pay and set a deadline for the job to get done. Iconfinder handles all transactions and offers you a full money back guarantee if the final product is not delivered on time or in acceptable quality. Check them out for more details.


5. Simbla

Simbla is a drag and drop builder that helps you build your websites within minutes, giving you also a big range of features and templates to choose from. Everything is made really easy to use and, on top of that, you are also given a professional and extensive guide regarding all the steps you have to go through to create a website for your business, from the domain purchasing to writing content for your visitors!

6. Themify Builder

6 Themify

While using, their Builder will make your job 10 times easier when it comes to designing your WordPress website. It offers you over 40 high-quality templates that you can change the way you want, by adding fonts or animations, changing colors, background or using extendable add-ons, such as image pro, slider pro or infinite background. Moreover, you can use the Builder to power as many websites as you want, as it has multi-site support.



We know that many of you want more email subscribers that’s why we present you OptinMonster. This lead generation software helps you turn your abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers. It makes high converting forms like exit intent popups, monsterlinks, scroll boxes, welcome gates, and floating bars which are likely to give you a 200 – 600% increase in email signups.


8 actiTIME

An amazing thing about actiTIME time tracking software is the Mobile Timesheet for iPhone and Android. actiTIME Mobile app gives you the possibility to access your timesheets anywhere and accurately track working hours on the go. You will be able to benefit from using its built-in stopwatch and working offline until you have Internet connection to sync the app with your web timesheet.


9. Pidoco

Pidoco is the perfect prototyping tool for UX designers that want to get results in front of clients quickly. Fully interactive lo-fi prototypes can quickly be whipped up from over 400 UI shapes and shared via a simple link. A commenting function lets others give you feedback that can go directly into the next iteration. What’s more: Pidoco lets you generate specification documents from your wireframes at the click of a button. Sound good? Well, check it out!



Xfive is a team of developers that asks you to let them deal with the complex coding part of your website while you are relaxing. They can build you an amazing user experience with a beautiful front-end design, just like they did for Fox and Microsoft. They can turn the graphics to working sites, make sure everything in the backend works just fine and even develop an HTML email. Take a look yourself!


11 Bowtie is a static site builder that guarantees lightning fast page loads, and better security for your visitors. With SSL and no database to hack, BowTie helps you build a new faster, more secure web without sacrificing features. User Management, Admin Controls, Stripe Payments, Git, and Zapier are at your finger tips. Nontechnical users can update content in a customizable interface, and developers can breathe easy because maintenance is a dream.

12. H-Code Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme

12 Themezaa - H-Code

Do you want to enhance your website with beautiful designs and quality templates? H-Code will help you obtain that, because it is a fully responsive, creative and clean WordPress theme, that provides you with more than 190 demo pages which you can choose for your website, depending on the business. They have a very easy installation, by only making one-click, and their main features include a powerful admin panel, design and code quality, WooCommerce ready, flexibility, layouts, shortcodes, portfolio options, SEO and speed optimization, well documentation and quick support.


13 48hourslogo

You can use 48HoursLogo not only for your company, but also for your clients. This is called White Labeling and by using it you can outsource your design jobs to 48HoursLogo so the company can work on your logo without letting your clients know that you are outsourcing your logo design work to them. White Labeling allows your clients to see only your brand in the design concepts and final design.


14 Thesquid

Change is good. In life, in interests, but also in our projects. Therefore, we have thought how could you change the look of website, by making it fresher and nicer. Squid Ink is the answer to our question, as it provides you with hundreds of awesome icons that you can use, change and resize in order to improve the design of your website. They are flat and consistent and they can be easily customized!

After testing these tools, please share your opinions !



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