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Create fully-interactive, high-fidelity prototypes with no coding skills required. is a prototyping tool that allows designers, developers and product managers alike to create low or high-fidelity prototypes of their mobile and web apps that feel and look exactly like the real thing. It is so easy to use that you can start prototyping straight away, even if you do not have any coding or design skills. satisfies all your prototyping needs. Use it during the early stages of design to build wireframes and mockups or to solicit feedback. During the later stages of design, you can use it to craft animated, interactive and high-fidelity prototypes for user testing and sign off. Design, prototype, preview, test, share and collaborate; All in one single platform.

The web application consists of the Dashboard (pictured above), the Editor (pictured below) and the Player.

The Dashboard gives you an overview of your projects and team members, the Editor does the heavy lifting when building your prototype, and the Player lets you view the results on your browser, share it with others, and conduct testing. Last but not least, the app lets you experience how your prototype looks, feels and works on a mobile device. 6 – Prototyping reimagined

Version 6 saw’s entire platform UI completely redesigned to become easier and more intuitive. The new interface brought core features to the forefront, making the tools users work with the most immediately accessible.

Additionally, animations became for the first time replayable directly on the Editor, making it easier to finalize the motion design process. Adding and editing interactions was also simplified, with the introduction of an Interaction Wizard and Interaction Design Patterns. Single-click sharing and exporting also became available in the same release.

New features are constantly added to, the latest being the visual and user-friendly Distance Guides that significantly improve the accuracy of item positioning on the canvas. Future plans include the introduction of ready-to-use Templates, which will allow users to create prototypes in minutes, simply by dragging and dropping customizable elements into the Editor.


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