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Sardine Run 2011 Photography

These photographs reveal one of nature’s greatest phenomena – the annual sardine run. Millions of the fish move north along the coast of South Africa where they are eaten by dolphins, sharks and gannets in a huge feeding frenzy.

Some people say that this year the Sardine Run didn’t actually happen: the water temperature on a surface was too high, so sardines stayed in the deep, where they couldn’t be reached by gannets. So it took from me a lot of time and patience to stay in the sea in rough conditions to wait for activity.

This year a number of boats with divers was maximum of all past years: mainly due to huge success of Oceans film and BBC Greatest Migrations series. It looked so easy in the cinema: huge shoals of sardines, dolphins, birds and all that amazing activity. But what people didn’t know, that it took 3 years for BBC to make that 20-min film, and 90% was filmed on a single dive. And it took 4 years for Doug Perrine to get his famous shot with 2 sharks charging throw sardines.

These great photos were taken by Dmitry Miroshnikov. He is 32 years old, he lives in Moscow, Russia and has 3 years experience in the underwater photography field. Dmitry receive some important awards :
– Sony World Photography Awards 2011, shortlisted in “Nature & Wildlife” category of Open competition.
– “Best Photographer’11”, 3rd place in amateur wildlife category.
– “Golden Turtle’5”, shortlisted in underwater and portrait categories.

You can find him here :


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