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Saddling the Cryptocurrency Popularity Wave with Crypton WordPress Theme

Cryptocurrencies became one of the major trends of 2018.


See it compared to “WordPress” search term.

What’s more important this trend has evoked a wave of sub-trends that derive from the cryptocurrencies thing. The most popular sub-trend among those is web design anyhow related to cryptos.

In this piece, I’d like to talk about the WordPress part of this sub-trend, i.e. WordPress theme.

If you go to ThemeForest marketplace you’ll be able to find a bunch of themes somehow related to cryptocurrencies, those will be either blog themes, or hardware store templates, or anything else.

But there’s one item there which comprises all spheres of interest of the cryptocurrency business and can be easily called a truly multipurpose cryptocurrency WordPress theme, and the name for it is Crypton.

The Crypton WordPress theme was released at the beginning of December 2017, and immediately became the bestselling item in ThemeREX’s portfolio. People loved this template and were eagerly building websites and blogs on its basis.

The theme’s developers understood that Crypton has a great potential comparing to similar items at ThemeForest that’s why on January 13 it received a major update that provided theme owners with additional skins, layouts, plugins, and so on.

Today, eight months since the release of the theme, Crypton can be proudly called the most successful cryptocurrency WordPress theme released at ThemeForest marketplace.

But what makes it so special?

Kudos to ThemeREX’s design team

There’s a thing with all website templates at ThemeForest marketplace. When they are designed the guys behind the PSD seem to be lacking the perception of the colors. Let’s have a look at some presentation images.

Most items are created either in some boring color scheme…

cryptocurrency wp theme

or some really bright, that made my eyes pop out…

cryptocurrency wp theme

Crypton’s design is made to be juicy. It’s bright enough, and it will never look boring.

Just have a look at its presentation image.

Let’s see what’s inside Crypton.

What’s inside?

The day Crypton was released it was a blog. There was just one basic skin, but there was a number of blog layouts inside, and this is how it looked like.

crypton wordpress theme

The abundance of blog layouts was coupled with a Cryptocurrency All-in-one WordPress plugin which can help you display sleek currency exchange rates tables.

Like the one below.

cryptocurrency plugin

Also, there was a donation widget, that could accept space cash from blog/website visitors and earn some money to feed website’s hosting.

donation plugin

Later this widget was altered a little bit, and now it looks like this.

bitcoin donation

To make a donation you need to scan the QR-code and send few BTC 0.00034’s to website’s admin.

Also, there was a set of must-have product pages, that could be used to sell mining hardware or anything else related to cryptos.

As you can see there was a basic set of WordPress theme features, but still, these helped to make this theme a goddamn hit!

It goes without saying that Crypton was built with Visual Composer and blog layout you can see on the demo, is a combination of elements that can be replaced or removed instantly.

One month later Crypton became an “all-in-one solution for a cryptocurrency website”. It was achieved by means of an update that delivered additional skins like an online magazine/journalcrypto equipment shopcryptocurrency coach.

crypton skins

Let’s have a look at each of new these skins.

crypton wordpress theme



As I already said blog skin was the first in terms of Crypton theme package. It’s a perfect basis for everyone willing to start a blog in no time.

The theme has all the necessary subpages without lorem ipsum content which you may use as a basis for your own.

What’s interesting about this skin.

When it was updated there appeared a set of subpages for the most popular cryptocurrencies. You can find them in the main menu, an item called Currencies.


The same pages can be found in the rest of the skins, all these pages are really good for SEO. Inside you can gather as many information about the given cryptocurrencies as you can.

Upon default, the page has 8 currencies there.


By hitting the “Information” button you will open the page of each of these cryptos.

There you will find text info about the currency as well as a number of charts and graphs created with the help of plugins I’m going to describe in the next skin’s section.


Online Magazine/Journal



If you think that this skin may look exactly like the blog, you’re mistaken.

The juiciest functionalities of all skins inside Crypton package are built around four WordPress plugins/widgets.


Cryptocurrency All-in-One

This plugin delivers a bunch of interesting functionalities to your websites like adding prices and exchange rates, displaying candlestick price charts, or the cryptocurrency calculator.

The cryptocurrency prices (a widget in the sidebar of the blog skin, three pictures above from this place), donation form, calculator…

all in one

and the cryptocurrency graph.


As you can see this plugin delivers lots of interesting options and features. The next one is…


Cryptocurrency Rocket Tools

Right under of set of three featured posts (in the same Magazine skin) there’s a chart created with the help of a Cryptocurrency Rocket Tools plugin.

Optionally you can display either a price change table using the shortcode [crtools-table cols=”price,change,graph” coin=”BTC,ETH,XRP,XMR,LTC,XRP,XLM,XEM,LSK” search=”false” pagination=”5,10″]


Or a graph.


That is displayed using the shortcode [crtools-graph].

And here comes the third important item.

Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget

This plugin adds interesting functionality called the “creeping-line”, if you’re watching evening news then you know what this is.

The creeping line is displayed at the bottom of the page, showing the latest exchange rates of the given cryptos.

The Ticker line plugin, as they called it, has a number of useful settings. For example, you can choose which exactly cryptos you want to display, or where exactly you want it to run, either on top or at the bottom of the page.

Here’s a screenshot of Ticker setting from the admin panel.


In terms of displaying the latest exchange rates, there’s one tiny but a very important plugin.

Live Crypto

This plugin will display the latest cryptocurrency price information on your website.

All available cryptocurrency symbols can be found inside the admin panel in the Live Crypto section, right after the installation of this plugin.

admin panel


In terms of design Magazine, skin has a few things worth mentioning. First of all, it’s a Matrix-like texture on the sides of the screen.

To make sure it doesn’t hurt content presentation, the texture is visible only on laptop screens and larger than 1440 px.

Here’s the texture itself.


From the functional viewpoint, this skin has the same features and functionalities as the blog.

Now, let’s check out the next skin.




In case you’re going to build a mining hardware store, this skin will be a perfect fit for you.

First of all, it’s based on WooCommerce, this means that adding and creating new products will be as easy as a pie. In case you’re not familiar with WooCommerce please refer to their documentation, and see for yourself how easy this eCommerce plugin is, or you can just watch this video.


Also, WooCommerce has a bunch of useful shortcodes which you can use to display product categories, reviews, separate items using their ID’s, bestselling items, and so on.

Frankly speaking, this shop skin looks pretty awesome, in case you have lots of products to add to your store from the very start you can make use of the categories menu.

You can find it on the homepage.


As a navigation option, it’s really great, one can easily go to the needed section and investigate products stored there.

Right under this menu, you can find the block of a table: FeaturedNew Items, and On Sale.


The next notable item is the banner widget.


It contains a background image, and some text you can add there, as well as a clickable button.

Since the template is powered by Visual Composer you can create any possible content blocks variations.

To see the store in details you can watch the…



Let’s move on to the next skin.



Since coaching is one of the most popular occupations these days, coach skin will be quite handy for you no matter what niche you’re engaged with.

Being a coach, which thing do you want your site visitors to do first of all?

Of course contact you, which is why there’s a sleek contact form to the right of the coach bio, and links to his social media accounts.


There’s a thing which can ease running a coaching business, that’s a review. Customer reviews are the blood in the veins of the coach. With Crypton coach skin, you can have this beautiful reviews section.


In case you have a set of lessons or courses you can showcase them via section like this.

Tutorials and courses are created with the help of LearnPress plugin.

LearnPress is a great solution for anyone wishing to teach people. There you can create courses fill them with lessons, add quizzes and questionnaires, and so on.

You can try LearnPress in action here.

Also, you’re welcome to watch this quick walkthrough video on how to create an online course website.


For those of you who have a free ebook, that covers various aspects of cryptocurrencies, this form may come in handy.

cryptocurrency wp theme

What else do you need to know?

The Crypton theme is a powerful solution for crypto websites, and in order for this power to be operational the theme needs to eat a lot.

ThemeREX recommends using these hosting providers for your website:

In case you’re using less performance-optimized hosting providers like GoDaddy you need to contact support team to change following server configurations:

  • max_execution_time 600
  • memory_limit 128M
  • post_max_size 32M
  • upload_max_filesize 32M

This is needed to avoid flaws and errors during demo import and installation.

Speaking the language of features

For those of you guys speaking the language of features let’s have a look what’s under the Crypton’s hood?

One-Click demo install

It’s one of the most important things that any WordPress theme should have. Basically, this is an onboarding system that lets you install this theme making the least number of mouse clicks possible.

Modern, Flexible, Customizable

This is the next top rated feature in any theme. The Crypton theme can be customized both via WordPress customize feature and via Visual Composer builder (which enables you to manipulate content blocks altering their looks.)

WordPress 4.0+ Tested and Approved

As you know there is still a certain amount of people using outdated browsers and software, the same goes for website engines. The Crypton theme was tested on WordPress engine versions starting from 4.0 release. Right now, the theme is compatible with Gutenberg. and GDPR

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Users of the current browser version will enjoy smooth scrolling and animation effects of Crypton theme.

Multiple Sliders Onboard

Those of you who are going to have more than one slider sitewide will enjoy Slider Revolution & Swiper Slider which are included into the template package.

Retina Images Support

Retina Displays, with high pixel density, have been around for quite a while but they are still causing a lot of trouble for web developers. Due to high pixel density images with low resolution (especially small ones like logos) may look quite blurry.  With Crypton theme you can be 100% sure that all users who have 2K, UHD, and greater resolution displays will see your Crypton-based website the way it looks on the demo, perfectly clear. This is achieved by the implementation of icons fonts, SVG, and vector elements.

Interactive Ajax Search

Website search is one of the most clicked areas on most visited pages of any website. Crypton developers made sure that users will enjoy using it.


When clicking the search lens, the whole browser window is blacked out leaving only the search bar, and this looks really awesome.

Color & Typography

In case you happen to be a typography or color maniac, you will love the way how easily you can change these two things in your Crypton-based website.

Since the template uses Google fonts you can go to Google Fonts pick your favorite combination and apply it on your website instantly via theme Customize.

Multiple Layout Options

No matter which skin you’re going to use you’ll make use of a number of layout options including boxed, full-width page layouts. In terms of blog presentations you will get:

  • classic 2 or 3 column layout;
  • 4 column, the so-called “portfolio” layout.
  • and the most interesting option called “Chess style” which is available in 2, 4, and 6 columns (see the screenshot of 6 column layout below).


Powerful Theme Framework

Crypton theme has a thing that only a skilled campaigner can comprehend, that’s a ThemeREX Framework. The framework was created to provide as many options and features as possible. Even though quantity not always equality we’ve made sure that our framework is an exception.

The framework’s most important feature is code speed optimization, which is all about compatibility with WordPress. What’s more, due to our framework you’ll get a number of useful shortcodes which you can use both for stylisation, and functionality improvements.

ThemeREX frameworks will deliver to you:

  • Setting Inheritance and Override System
  • 750+ Customizer Options
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Widget Sets
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Custom Theme Options Panel
  • Optimized for best performance
  • …and many more!

Plugins Compatibility

And the last thing is the plugins, here’s a list of items you will be able to use right after the theme installation.

  • Revolution Slider
  • WP Bakery Page Builder
  • Essential Grid
  • ThemeREX Donations
  • MailChimp for WP
  • WooCommerce
  • Instagram Feed
  • ThemeREX Add-ons

Over to You

So if you are going to become the owner of Crypton WordPress theme by the end of this week, don’t forget to come back here and drop your ideas in the comments section.

P.S. Crypton theme will be updated until the last Bitcoin will be mined, this means that if you get this theme today, you will be receiving free lifetime updates including new layouts, skins, plugins, and functionalities.

See you soon.