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Rusty Apple Ads

Apple is different and it was different since it appeared on the market. Their computers, phones and in general everything they produce have the target of becoming the best in that field. Many times they are the best although their products have many disadvantages or even problems.My opinion is that the period in which Apple really was brilliant, was many years ago when their computers were really high tech for that years and were using the G4 and G5 processors. These processors were made by  Freescale, a former part of Motorola and the G5 by IBM.

They were saying and it was true that a G4 processor with less megaherthz can outstand an Intel processor. Also it was very interesting to have something else for “the heart” of your computer. Intel and AMD were everyhere.

But now, Apple is using Inte processors and parts that you can find in any shop. If you want to imitate an Apple desktop configuration, you can do it cheaply !


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