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Retro ad campaigns for social networking platforms

Moma Propaganda, a Brazilian Ad agency from Sao Paulo has created a wonderful series of retro future ads for Facebook, YouTube and Skype as part of the “Everything Ages Fast” ad campaign for Maximidia Seminars. They capture the essence and enthusiasm of  golden age American advertising and will definitely leave a smile on your face with the way these social media giants are presented.

Facebook – Striking Miraculous Social Team Up! Share abundantly your photographs, experiences and stories with your friends and families. For leisure or labour, Facebook is the enchantment “next look” in social team ups. Eloquent economical and modern examples of communication adequate for our times.

SKYPE ® – The Fabulous Voice System Able To Put Your Family Toghether! Skype has the finest quality for you and your relatives to communicate via the internet. The healthiest, most economical and secure way to keep vigorous family bonds miles away. It’s more than a telephone. It’s a real audio-visual miracle that will put you in contact with a brand new world.

Your films will last forever on YOUTUBE, the champion address on internet! Send and watch splendid and captivating films, 24/7 sports, news, commercials and much more. The most charming and magnificent way to entertain the whole family

Twitter’s ad talks about the “The sublime, mighty community with just 140 letters!”

On top of the vintage colours and graphics, the taglines for each social networking platform were crafted accordingly in relation to that period of time too. Which one is your favourite ad?

Facebook Manners and You

Similar to this ad campaign was another published to YouTube, titled “Facebook Manners and You.”  It was produced by Big Fuel, a marketing and communications that specializes in social media. Again presented in “retro” fashion, the agency shows the “do’s” and “don’ts” of bad behavior related to Facebook break-ups ala 1960s. “Facebook Manners And You” was the official 2009 Webby Award Honoree for Best Writing and Comedy in the “Individual Short or Episode” category – and has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube, as of this posting.

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