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Really Useful Cheat Sheets For Web Designers & Developers

Designers spend a lot of time in multiple graphic design programs and writing front end code. This is really hard work and moving from one environment to another can make it hard to memorize such things as hot keys and shortcuts for each. This is where cheat sheets come into play. A cheat sheet is simply a printable reference or guide to a particular software package, language, framework, etc.

Whether you need to learn something or you just need a refresher on how to do certain tasks, cheat sheets help you to do both. To ease your work I recommend you to print them out and decorate your workspace.

htaccess Cheat Sh Cheat Sheet

Megapixels and Maximum Print Size Chart

Black & White Cheatsheet For Photoshop


Adobe Flash CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Quick Reference Card for Windows

CSS Cheat Sheet (V2)



The Gimp Cheat Sheet

I.D.E.A.S. Graphics Cheatsheet

Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts

Computer Arts Keyboard Shortcuts

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

HTML/XHTML Character Entities


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