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Quoteroller – A Great Tool For Automating Your Business Proposals

In today’s business environment, the most important rules when reaching new customers are clarity and efficiency. You need to act fast and be ahead of your competition, so you will find yourself spending a lot of time and resources creating endless business proposals for many types of clients. This can turn out to be a very hard task because you not only need to be very concise but also your presentation must be perfect in terms of writing. A proposal can be presented via many channels such as email or fax, but one of the most interesting is creating an online proposal in a shape of a website. A web-based proposal is perfect not only for making a great impression but also for tracking various things such as visitor statistics and by dynamically updating certain details.

One great way of creating online proposals is by using This neat platform offers a lot of cool features such as analytics, dozens of themes and templates, PDF exports and much more. This tool helps you avoid repetitive tasks by creating an automated proposal creation process, so from now on, you can forget about the endless copy-pasting routine. Thanks to its great usability and a good drag ‘n drop interface, Quote Roller proves to be an important asset for any type of business.


With features such as in-proposal analytics, from now on, you can analyze what your clients are looking at and what actions they are performing while viewing your proposal. This way you can see and understand what works well and what must be optimized.

Creating the proposal is extremely easy, especially because of their dozens of themes and templates available. You can create a fully functional web offer which can contain tables, lists, prices, products and much more, in just a matter of minutes.

Below you can see that the creation of a proposal is cleverly divided into five steps, so you’ll have a great view of the entire process.

New Proposal - Step 1

What I love the most is the possibility to digitally sign the proposal right in the browser using a neat tool, as well as the fact that the client can export everything into a PDF. Even more, being online, everything looks a lot more professional. Also, this helps the client interact with your proposal which can prove to be a huge help for them.

Proposal Preview

As I said before, making an online presentation of your offer gives you the possibility to dynamically modify everything. You can add products, subscriptions, modify prices, change images and so on. Even more, your clients can receive a total quote by calculating their costs on the fly.  Whether we’re talking about a photography proposal or a complex industrial project, creating a proposal online gives you access to an endless number of clients thanks to the Internet. Also, being accessible from anywhere, your customers will benefit from its portability which in return can make the difference between a signed deal and a missed client.

I strongly recommend you to give a try because you won’t regret it. But, if you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself with a special 6-week trial, using code “LOVETHYDESIGNER”.


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