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Product Review: Approveme WordPress Digital E Signature

We’re officially in the age of e-signing.

The printing, mailing, and filling out of physical contracts and legal documents has always been one of the most tedious parts of running a business.  Electronic signatures have changed all that.

Now agencies, online businesses, create professionals and freelancers can easily get their contracts securely signed…just like that.

And these aren’t just pasted images of signatures placed on a PDF.  These are legally binding documents that hold up in court, should they ever need to.

You might’ve already tried e-signing for your WordPress powered business.  Problem is, most of these platforms charge a ridiculous monthly fee, and even more as you start getting into the features you really need.

There are lots of options, but the #1 E-Sign Software for WordPress sites is definitely ApproveMe.

It’s the only one that can integrate with your business, right out of the box.  It’s fast, secure, and affordable for any size company.

Ultimately, you just want a document signing plugin for your website that makes you more efficient.  ApproveMe hears you.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits they include:

light Security

Strict laws and guidelines regulate the e-signing industry, most notably the UETA and ESIGN Act.  If your contracts don’t adhere, then they won’t be recognized as legally binding.  Simple as that.

It seems simple, but the fact is that most e-signing applications are not up-to-date with these laws.  This puts you at a huge risk should any of your contracts come into question.

Every document generated by ApproveMe’s plugin fully compliant to the latest e-signing laws at all times.  Your client is protected, and so is your business.  All documents are given a unique document ID for easy tracking:

This unique ID greatly reduces any chance for miscommunication about who signed what.  You’ll know.

For added security, the WP E-Sign plugin also has two-factor verification.  You can easily password protect your sensitive documents, even after they’re signed.

ApproveMe’s SSL support ensures secure signing as long as your site has a valid SSL certificate.  All your important information is encrypted to guard from any tampering.

Easy-to-Use Contract Builder

You don’t need a lawyer to draw up your contracts.  The WP E-Sign plugin simplifies the process, making it easy for you to create professional contracts with just a few clicks.

And you don’t need to go anywhere.  All this can be done from within your website.  In fact, chances are that your client doesn’t even know that you’re using third-party software.

You don’t need to be a legal expert to create a professional looking and more importantly, legally binding contract. WP Esign simplifies the process of contract building within your website through its contract builder.

Dynamic Field Customization

Now this…this is really cool.  ApproveMe’s plugin lets you insert custom fields into your contracts that automatically update with your client’s information.

Instead of you (or your client) having to fill out text fields, select radio buttons, and play with drop down menus, now it’s all done automatically.  The contract will grab the information from straight from your database.  A HUGE timesaver.

Brand Your Documents

Your documents represent your company.  If they don’t look good, you don’t look good.  The WP ESign plugin gives you full branding control of your documents.

Create custom email templates, add cover pages, and stamp your company logo wherever you want to give your contracts a professional touch.  You can even add a personal message to your signature invitations.  Sometimes it’s the little things that get the client.

Smart File Management

It can be a pain to manage all of your contracts.  It’s not fun having folders and folders of contracts to reference, especially when you’re working on a deadline.

ApproveMe can notify you each time your client views a proposal, and when they eventually sign it

Conducting online transactions can be tricky. But fret not. Both you and your clients can rest assured knowing you can easily download or get an email attachment of the signed documents in PDF format for file management purposes.

You will get notifications every time your client views a proposal, contract or any document you sent through the plugin.

Automation: Less work, more time

Automating your contract process will be one of the biggest timesavers for your business.  This is where ApproveMe shines above the rest.

You can set up automatic signing reminders for clients who are running a bit late.  Instead of having to write up a polite email every few days, set up an automatic sequence that gives them a nudge until they sign.

If your business uses the same contract for multiple clients, the WP ESign plugin lets you create a public URL where you can direct your signers.  Much easier than drafting up a new PDF for each client.

We can’t list all of the features for this plugin here — we’d need much more room.  Check out the full list of features here.

Cost Check

No. Monthly. Fees.

Pretty rare for a plugin like this, but ApproveMe did it.

As we mentioned at the start, this plugin is perfect for small business owners, freelancers, and creative professionals.  The price point matches this audience perfectly.

The premium plugin ranges from $149 to $500 depending on what your business needs.  The most popular package is the $300 business license that gives you unlimited sites and users (!) without any funny tricks or hidden fees.

And here’s something cool: you can try a free interactive demo to see how it all works.  Just give them your email address and ApproveMe will let you explore their plugin for yourself

Once you input your email address, you can proceed to the demo page where you can choose which function you want to try.

Final Thoughts

ApproveMe’s Digital Esign plugin really does it all, and for less.  It integrates with almost every popular WordPress form plugin like WP Forms, Calder Forms, Contact Form 7…the list goes on.

It’s very easy-to-use, and you don’t have to be anywhere near an expert to make professional looking contracts and automated processes that make your business more profitable.

If you need a legally binding solution for signing documents within your WordPress site, WP Esign is certainly the best choice.


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