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Outstanding Typographic Color Art Project

2012 belongs to London. The capital of England will host the games of the Olympiad. There is a lot of criticism around the London 2012 visual identity. London based designers have broken the rules many times in the history of visual communication and have expressed new and revolutionary messages. There are three movements born in London : The Arts & Crafts at the end of the 19th century, the Punk – New Wave and the Techno – Rave culture at the end of the 20th century.

So this is the result of some experimentation on the London 2012 subject during the last 3 months. From the official identity href=””>Charis Tsevis have kept only the color palette. He found that the fluorescent colors were the natural continuation of the punk rock cover art of Jamie Reid but also the main hues of the rave culture.

Unlike the punk or rave tradition Charis have experimented with only one typeface. He used the PF DIN a typeface that is mostly related to Germany than England. This isn’t some kind of humor on the Germanization of Europe.






















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