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Online Database Software for Citizen Developers

Needless to say that many business problems can be solved with a help of well organized workflow processes and data sharing infrastructure. That’s why using a right data management software is essential for any business.

However, a traditional software development cycle is too slow, lacks flexibility and frequently involves with high initial costs, making it hardly affordable for striving businesses. Fortunately, a modern cloud technology brings you a good alternative – a web-based database software like TeamDesk, which is an online database platform for Citizen Developers. The term “Citizen Developer” means a person who can create business applications without any special programming skills.  You may be an experienced user of MS office or other products that help you organizing your business workflow, however, as data volume evolves, a software you are using would likely fail to meet your growing business needs. As a result, you would decide to create an application which is capable of processing your business data much more efficiently and which would be able to constantly evolve to keep matching your ever evolving business process. It means that you decided to become a Citizen developer. Go ahead! Based on TeamDesk platform you’ll be able to build unique business applications within hours, without any programming involved, and put it into a production work right away, even while within a free trial.

TeamDesk online database platform empowers you with a quick and efficient application design mechanism. It allows you to create unique databases from scratch, customizing each database to fit your specific business needs.

Moving to TeamDesk is easy! You can easily import data from spreadsheets or other products into your TeamDesk-based database.

Scalability is not a problem since TeamDesk allows an unlimited data storage space.

Online Database Software

The main advantage of TeamDesk platform is its role-based access mechanism to assign custom access levels for individual users or users’ groups. It means that you can share your databases with different groups of users (such as staff, partners or clients) and assign individually-customized access levels to them.

TeamDesk support team is always ready to help citizen developers with database creation and provide them with free unlimited consulting. As a result, a unique database prototype for your business will be created for free. You’ll thoroughly test your database functionality and subscribe to it only after making sure it meets you needs and fits your budget.

It is very easy to become a Citizen developer. Simply open a TeamDesk free trial and start your database creation right away, or get in touch with TeamDesk support team to discuss your needs. TeamDesk team will do their best to design an online database application that will make your business process as much more efficient as possible.


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