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Old School Collection Of Iphone Cases

If you still have the sentiment for the vintage electronics from your youth you will like this Old-school line of cases which were designed for the brand Freshfiber. It’s inspired by the iconic objects from the past. Thanks to the innovative technology they use, all the cases consist of moving parts. All the moving elements are produced in one go, it means that the product is shipped to you straight from the 3D printing machine, no extra assembly is involved! 

Cassette Case with rotating reels

Remember manual rewinding of your cassettes just by turning the tape reels with your finger? Right now you can store all your music digitally and still be able to play with the reels if you have this cover. Be aware that all your friends will be more that curious to try it out!


Camera Case – hanging system

You can literally close an open the flash and turn the lens in this case. Those elements will not only draw lots of attention but as well they work great as stress releaser! Additionally you can hang this case on your neck as normal camera, you can be sure you will make jealous every tourist in your city!


 Boombox Case with integrated stand

With this case your mobile looks at least like a special edition product. It’s great for those who love to watch the videos on their mobiles. You can lift the moving handle, which serves as a stand for the phone and after that close it flat and fit your mobile in the pocket as always.


The models are available in three colors: Graphite Black, Ultramarine and Carmine Red. They are compatible with iPhone4. Besides the funky design, all three covers give full protection for your phone, also on the front side.

The cases can be purchased online at Freshfiber store .
The list of retailers can be found here.



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