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Office Building Concept Design

The idea behind the concept was to propose a simple modern form in relation to the surrounding architecture. The basic color and shape, referring to a neighboring building, and a characteristic and individual element of the assumptions, orienting it in space, has become a cut block, thus creating a sharp edge of the building, knocking out the background of neighboring buildings. The proposed office building for its intended useshould have a clearly laid-out under strictly functional specification of the type of object, and yet so as to establish a modern facility, friendly staff, in accordance with modern trends.


The office building designed as a three-storey, cellar clearly separating functional blocks, of which occupies a central place hall with a staircase. Directly accessible from the hall are the other functional blocks.


The building of the proposed office of advertising agency is to be a distinctive signrecognizable at the urban space. The appearance of the facade has chosen the objects surroundings. Designed building facade is made of aluminum facade panels in black.These plates are mounted on aluminum structural elements T gr. 3mm aluminum and L(80-140mm) x50x3mm the screws.


It was assumed that the building will be seated on benches and feet foundation. Foundations building designed in a manner that protects against penetration of moisture into the building. The building was designed as a no cellar. The object will be implemented in a monolithic slab construction pole. The ceiling above the ground floor and first floorprovides a reinforced concrete. Precast reinforced concrete staircase. The roof of the building is designed as an inverted flat roof layers. The external walls layers : reinforced concrete, insulation, exterior of aluminum plates.

Author : Tomasz Chmielewski











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