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Non Static Website Design – How To Raise The User Interaction

Non static website design is by no means something new. In fact, the concept has been around for quite some time now. Think back to the first time flash-animated websites started appearing all over the Internet and you’ll get a sense of just how long it’s been. The new wave of dynamic sites have left flash behind and have moved on to brand new solutions that bring together HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Despite the fact that CSS3 isn’t fully supported cross-browser most web developers and designers have started incorporating it into their projects. And, to be honest, considering the rate at which software updates are put out, it’s probably only a matter of time before all inconsistencies are resolved.

But even without being able to use CSS3 to its full potential, websites with lively animations, interactive components that allow you to immerse yourself into the story and various amazing effects are popping up all over the place. With the appearance of these new tools, web developers finally have what they need to put out websites with complex and truly memorable interactivity and designs. The moment when they’ll be able to use all three programing languages together, without major consistency issues, will mark a turning point in the history of websites as we know it.

Until then, let’s take a look at some non static websites that have already incorporated interactivity and dynamics into their design and see just how impressive the effect is.

Favourites McDonalds – is a promotional website belonging to one of the largest fast-food francizes in the world. The website combines illustration and animation in order to create an entertaining, fluid 3D effect on mouse over.

non static web design


The Hobbit – is a website that manages to stand proudly along with the new series of films with the same name. It has astounding graphics, soothing audio (that switches off when you change tabs), fluid animation and creative interactivity that allows you to follow Bilbo and the dwarfs through their quest to the Lonely Mountain.

static web design


The Dangers of Drug Driving – it’s becoming quite clear that a lot of traffic accidents are caused by drivers that have consumed either drugs or alcohol. This website provides an interactive experience of how driving feels like under the influence of drugs like cannabis, cocaine and LSD. The animations and visual effects employed are stunning and compelling.

static website

Audi One Million Reasons – this website is created by the world wide known car manufacturer and allows you to take an in depth 2D or 3D look at a car. The design is elegantly beautiful and the interactivity of the website is amazing, you can look at the car from any angle and even glance inside it.

static design website

Incredibox – is an example of a fun, interactive website that allows you to create your own melody using beatbox effects and more.

static website design

Le Manoir Magique – is another example that shows how fully interactive and animated websites can be used to promote a film. You can go online and watch funny videos, explore scenes and spend a little more time with the characters.

static web design

Alkopedia – this website uses animated cartoon characters to take you through the history of alcohol. The design and interactivity gives off a positive vibe and presents all you need to know about alcohol in an interesting and lively manner.

static web design

Daniel Moon – put out an impressive website where he displays his portfolio. The website is attractive and the interactivity makes it a memorable experience.

static web design

Served MCR – is like a breath of fresh air after you’ve spent too much time on static, not impressive websites. Everything seems to be alive on this website. Every hand drawn image on it is animated in a unique way and the colours chosen give it a cool, creative feel.

static website design

Abrams Books – is a website put up by Wes Anderson, one of the most influential voices in American cinema. Here, you’ll find a bristling urban scene filled with fully animated and interactive characters that perfectly emulate the reality beyond your computer screen.

static web design


Trust me when I say that the list could go on. These websites are amazing and give each and every one of their visitors a unique and memorable experience. They are clearly superior to static websites when it comes to artistry and overall impression.

However, how pretty a website looks isn’t always the most important thing to consider. Incorporating such a level of interactivity and animation into your website does have its drawbacks. Keep in mind that some of the features shown above still have compatibility issues cross-browser and they don’t perform very well on phones or tabs. Take into account the goal you’ve set for your website and think if it’s worth sacrificing stability for style. As a rule, it’s always best if you avoid the dreaded “It’s dead, Jim.” screen at all costs, even if the issue isn’t with anything pertaining to your website design and it’s just due to the fact that your viewer is using an older browser.

In the end, all we can do is wait until all inconsistencies are resolved and we’ll be able to enjoy more and more dynamic, non-static websites.






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