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Night Lights Captured in Photography

Taking photos in the night will always make the image more dramatic especially if you modify the contrast a little bit. Night photography has the ability to take a scene and cast it in an unusual light — much like the “golden hour” surrounding sunrise and sunset can add an element of mood and uniqueness to a sunlit scene. Just as how sports and landscape photography push the camera’s limits for shutter speed and aperture, respectively, night photography often demands technical extremes in both.

In this article you can see some superb examples of various types of lights captured in the darkness of the night.

Light Graffiti

Ensenada, Mexico

South Korea

Paris night view from the Eiffel Tower

Royal Mile

Dubai Marina

Northern Light over Hafnarfjalli

Pioneer Bridge Sunset, Sacramento CA

Guard Rail, Tower Bridge, Old Sacramento

Pont Royal

Flower Market

Looking Downtown

Atlas in the Snow

Night on my side

Ensenada, Mexico

Australia Day Fireworks with Lightning

Lantern Festival



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