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New Set Of Creative Billboard Ads And Tips

Some Info About Billboard Advertising

Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas.

Bulletins are the largest, most impactful standard-size billboards. Located primarily on major highways, expressways or principal arterials, they command high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic). Bulletins afford greatest visibility due not only to their size, but because they allow creative “customizing” through extensions and embellishments.

Posters are the other common form of billboard advertising, located chiefly in commercial and industrial areas on primary and secondary arterial roads. Posters are a smaller format than bulletins and are viewed principally by residents and commuter traffic, with some pedestrian exposure.

Billboard Advertising Tips

1. High Traffic

One thing you want from your billboard ot have in an area that has a lot of traffic.  It doesn’t do you much good to have a great sign that nobody sees.

2. “To The Point”

Billboard advertising needs to be “To the Point” – and memorable for passing motorists. You don’t have too much time or space to do something to complex.

3.  Use Mini Slogans

When you are running with 60 miles / hour, you can’t read too much. That’s why using mini slogans it’s very important as they add just the right information to make it identifiable with a brand name.

4. Traffic Distractions

It really doesn’t matters ff your sign is located at a busy intersection with a lot going on, if your customers will need to be paying attention to their driving.  They will not be able to take the time to look at the billboard.

5. Use Large And Powerful Graphics

Billboards that have large and powerful graphics are memorable. Contact designers to make something creative for you and your ad.



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