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Mossy Alphabet

Mosses are small, soft plants that are typically 1–10 cm (0.4–4 in) tall, though some species are much larger. They commonly grow close together in clumps or mats in damp or shady locations. They do not have flowers or seeds, and their simple leaves cover the thin wiry stems. At certain times mosses produce spore capsules which may appear as beak-like capsules borne aloft on thin stalks.

This mossy alphabet is an interesting type of typography and was made by an collective of people named Orka. They are from Saint Petersburg, Russia and they have similar world views, as they say on their website. One very interesting fact about them is that the word “Orka” means “energy” in Icelandic. They are inspired by whales, nature, magic and wonderful places around them.

You can find them here :


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