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Monstroid 2 Review: What’s Inside The Update?

August 27, the world of web design technologies met a reborn version of the most creator-friendly WordPress theme – Monstroid 2. The update is literally large! Any modern content creator knows how important WYSIWYG editing is. However, this point is not the only advantage of the fresh Monstroid 2 version. Would you like to see, which features, elements, and functions this flagman provides a user with? In this case, let’s get started!


Updated Design Possibilities
Editing Becomes Simpler
Improving Design Solutions
20+ Groundbreaking Templates (Skins)
What Should You Do If You Prefer Different Pages From Different Sets?
Magic Button
Weekly Updates
More Plugins
Updated eCommerce Functionality
In Summary

Updated Design Possibilities

The first version of Monstroid 2 was born in 2017. All the bugs were removed, so imagining the better version was almost impossible. Still, we all know that there’s nothing impossible in the age of smart technologies. As expected, 2018 year showed new requirements. They became higher and demanded new technologies. That’s why the recent release of Monstroid 2 appeared. What will web audience find inside this innovative theme for WordPress-based websites?

Editing Becomes Simpler

In case you want to get stress-free content editing, look for WYSIWYG-friendly theme. As you may know, Monstroid has always been such product. Before its first update, the editing mechanism of the theme was based on PowerBuilder. This widely known website editor has been providing users with code-free online page building for years.

Today everything becomes even simpler with Elementor and its brand-new update. It’s called the most comprehensive builder for WP projects. There’s even Elementor Marketplace created.

Basically, Elementor contains:

  • live/ real-time preview
  • immersive and creator-friendly interface
  • thoroughly designed element categories, etc.

Talking about the updated Elementor, it’s free for Monstroid owners and comes with

  • new ace premade customizable blocks, (templates)
  • lightning-fast speed
  • and lots juicy Elementor-oriented plugins.

Improving Design Solutions

Needless to say, in 2018, your website requires more details and functions. Today you the site you work on shouldn’t be limited to 1 or 2 primitive styles. You need more design solutions!

That’s why Monstroid 2 gets more than 500 Elementor-based UI elements. They are for various purposes. One can find new templates, blocks, and skins just inside the admin panel of the theme.

Although 500 looks like a wide choice, the creators of Monstroid 2 promise there will be 500 more UI components. They are coming pretty soon and will be shared as a free update.

Another great thing to know about: updating the theme or buying fresh version of Monstroid 2, users can switch between the sections of UI elements while designing their content. In other words, now you really can get the style of your dream without touching the code or big money loses. Just open the built-in library of presets Monstroid 2 comes with, find your design among these sets (or create it from zero) and be free to pick any component you kept an eye on.

As soon as you are through it, simply drag-and-drop the element to the place you want it to take. Now you can style it with customizable options and get the look you dreamt about. To finish with, you can always modify the preset further on, in case you need a neat adjustment on top of that, or just save it to the library. It will be a new UI element you can use for the future designs.

20+ Groundbreaking Templates (Skins)

Monstroid is a multipurpose or multifunctional WordPress theme. It was meant to fit any needs. Using Monstroid 2, a user can set up a personal, eCommerce or corporate website for any purpose because the theme is suitable for many business niches.

Inside the updated Monstroid 2 theme, you will see 10 inimitable templates. These full-fledged sets of pages are hand-crafted. They contain such basic sections as:

  • Contacts
  • Maps
  • FAQ
  • Gallery
  • Our Team
  • Blog
  • Shop, etc.

Also, Monstroid 2 provides its user with multiple must-have buttons. Among them, there are unique CTA ones. And, needless to say, you will get such necessary buttons as:

  • Chat
  • Contact Us
  • Shop
  • Cart
  • Wishlist, and more.

What Should You Do If You Prefer Different Pages From Different Sets?

Well, we all humans, so, time to time, each of us needs some creativity. Let’s imagine that you liked the Gallery page from template #1 and the Shop page from template #2. How should you choose between these designs?

Actually, the right question would be: why should you choose at all? That’s what the creators of Monstroid 2 decided. Thus, today users won’t be limited to using one set of pages for a single website. With the mentioned 20 trendy templates, Monstroid 2 owner gets Magic Button.

Magic Button

Without a doubt, Magic Mutton is the thing we all have been dreaming of! You can find it within theme’s Elementor editor. How to work with Magic Button? It’s as easy as ABC! All you need to do to add a page/ a section from 1st template to the 2nd one is to… click the button!

Weekly Updates

Keep in mind that the templates for Monstroid 2 will be added on the weekly basis. Don’t miss the boat and get more elements just for free!


Any website owner knows that fast and lightweight website is the key to success. It doesn’t matter how voguish the theme is, you won’t keep the audience engaged without these 2 points.

Monstroid 2 has always been comfortable for website owners and its future visitors but now the theme becomes even lighter and faster! The files inside a freshly released Monstroid 2 are pretty sleeker. Their digital weight is nearly 250kb.

Because of its rich filling, Monstroid used to require a medium or more advanced hosting. As a result, website owners paid extra money for the service. To save the budgets of modern site creators, Monstroid 2 became lightweight. It’s swift as well, which means you can run the desired site on an affordable hosting.

Additionally, the speed of theme’s work increased. Today loading Monstroid 2 will take you only 1.2 sec. Try Live Demo to see it!

More Plugins

Becoming the owner of the recently released Monstroid 2, a website creator gets not just built-in blocks for Elementor but many unique plugins as well. These are JetPlugins. In a word, they allow adding custom content types to the project design.

Besides, the plugins we are talking about comes with a new functionality. You won’t get it by default within Elementor.

To illustrate what you get with Monstroid 2, let’s name 9 top premium plugins. They are:

  • JetMenu
  • JetBlocks
  • JetElements
  • JetTabs
  • JetReviews
  • JetTricks
  • JetBlog
  • JetWooBuilder
  • JetParallax
  • and JetMenu

All the plugins are free.

Updated eCommerce Functionality

Finally, it’s time to move to the most popular criteria – eCommerce or, talking about WordPress, WooCommerce. You may already know that there are many templates that come with WooCommerce compatibility.


What about Monstroid 2? It already contains WooCommerce. To say more, the theme provides you with:

  • eCommerce pages,
  • eCommerce templates or skins,
  • and brilliant shop functionality.

Everything is ready-made thanks to JetWooBuilder plugin, which provides an impressing e-store-related functionality.

In Summary

Without a doubt, finding your one and only theme or template is a vital step. Whether you have coding skills or not, it’s always better to work with the product you really like. This invigorating WordPress theme Monstroid 2 continues refining. Being absolutely content-maker-friendly,



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