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Miro The Online Whiteboard to Integrate in Your Business in 2020

The age of classic whiteboards has come to an end. Thanks to the technological advancements that took place we can now share the same whiteboard with all our co-workers, regardless of where they are. The purpose of Miro’s online whiteboard is to create a visual perspective of all concepts, tasks, ideas and thoughts that anyone in your team can access, regardless of where they are. It takes the classic, real whiteboard to the next level and improves its functionality while taking out its limitations.

How to use Miro to supercharge your company’s productivity

Miro can be used in plenty of situations and is only limited by your creativity and needs. To offer you a better perspective of how you can supercharge your productivity, we’ve put together a few situations in which this tool can significantly benefit your activity.

  1. Use it to easily collaborate in online meetings

Nowadays, pretty much everything happens online. Why not save some extra hours and organize online meetings in an efficient way so that at the end of it, everyone knows exactly what they have to do?

Miro is perfect for successfully implementing efficient online meetings. Here’s what you can do using the online whiteboard:

  • Create a meeting flow
  • Take meeting notes in a collaborative way
  • Write down ideas that everyone can comment on and add insights
  • Easily assign tasks
  • Present ideas using videos and images
  • Create to do lists and so much more

All of this and so much more takes place at the same time, in the same window, for the entire team, live. Moreover, the design is so clean, beautiful and easy to interact with that it will make you want to use it and inspire you to be more creative.

  1. Digitize your workshops


A lot of workshops have found themselves in the position of having to go online. The easiest way to do so is by using online tools! Easily connect with your audience through a few clicks and host your workshop from wherever you are.

Miro’s ready-to-use templates will help you hold your workshop in the easiest, most intuitive way possible. It allows you to easily organize your ideas and makes it easy for participants to follow at the same time.

Besides, it will motivate you to create even better workshops through all the available options and templates that are available within Miro; it will challenge you to find better ways to use the numerous features available to create a workshop that best transmits what you have to say. Therefore, you’ll be able to hold insightful, remarkable workshops in the most productive way.

  1. Hold presentations

Great ideas require a great tool to fully showcase their potential, which is exactly what Miro does! Holding a presentation with this whiteboard is an entire new way of impressing your audience. It’s so much more than a presentation: it’s an entire experience that allows your audience to engage with your thoughts and ideas.

And because Miro features numerous templates and easy-to-use elements, it will challenge you to step up your game and create presentations that will WOW even the toughest crowds. The best part? You don’t require any special skills. Just a few click within the tool.

  1. Teach an online class with Miro

If you’re a professor and you need to teach your classes from home, Miro will come as a blessing for you. The online whiteboard system will allow you to improve and better organize your online classes, making it more interesting and easier to follow for your students, too. It easily creates a digital classroom that both you and the students will use with pleasure. Homework will be easier to assign and students will better visualize projects, subjects and information.

  1. Create mind-maps for your business

Perhaps you’re just getting started with a new business, or maybe you already own one and wish to take it to the next level; with Miro you will be able to easily create mind-maps that will help you accomplish your goals.

Mind-maps are well-known techniques to create, manage and visualize different ideas. They help you see and prevent potential issues, better understand the implications of different actions and they help you stick to the plan.

How to integrate Miro into your workflow


All you need to do to integrate the Miro online whiteboard into your workflow is create an account. Within just a few clicks you will gain access to infinite possibilities of expressing your thoughts, planning strategies and brainstorming ideas.

Collaboration with your team will immediately improve: invite users to your board to brainstorm, take notes and keep track of projects. Help them better visualize their tasks and stay up to date with the latest changes.

Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate it with other tools such as JIRA, Trello, Zoom, Slack and many other to make the entire experience even more complex and useful.

Miro is also a very recommended tool for early-stage startups as it unlocks speed and innovation: the two things newly launched businesses need the most in the beginning of their journey towards success.

Want to make everything a Miro meeting? The upcoming Google Calendar Extension will allow you to instantly add boards to Google calendar invites that will automatically grant access, making the entire experience more pleasant and intuitive.

With over 9 million users worldwide, Miro has created a community of users that amplifies the voices of users. With Miroverse, users share their tried and tested templates with the world, browse expanded libraries of meeting templates, try the popular ones or choose a Miro expert template.