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Marketing Campaign Ideas For New Entrepreneur

Marketing is essential for every business because it creates product awareness, especially to your target market, which, if successful will generate positive revenue. If you are a budding entrepreneur, creating a marketing campaign may prove to be unfamiliar territory. Nevertheless, here are some marketing campaign ideas to get you started.

Tell a story

A story is a great way to connect with your customers. It is even better if your marketing campaign content is your own story. Share to your target market why you put up your business in the first place and spread it through print ads or on various digital media platforms. Even digital signage experts recommend a good storyline that can be reflected in the advertisement. Digital signage featuring your own story is a great avenue to create a better-connected experience with your audience. Thereby, whether you want to start with a traditional marketing campaign, or leverage on the advancements in modern technology, a campaign content that features your story will definitely be a success.

Provide mystery offers.

People just love mystery, coupled with a game of luck. Entice the curiosity of your target market with mystery offers that turn out to be either discounts or gifts. It is best if you will be able to keep them engaged by having them guess a couple of times before revealing what they will eventually get. Your mystery offers can be part of your email campaign, which also allows you to build connections with your customers.

Give a free item for every first purchase made.

Everybody loves getting stuff for free. You can leverage this by offering something for free for every first product purchase made. You can be more specific on the amount that they need to spend before they are entitled to a free gift. This is a great way to attract new customers. In the same manner, you can tweak your campaign a little to offer a rewards or loyalty program to returning customers who spend a certain amount in purchasing your products or services.

Use videos in your campaign.

Videos are constantly evolving and contrary to popular belief, your videos need not to have an epic production team. There are already various tools that you can use to create a simple but decent video that can showcase your artistic talents. What is important is your video content. Thus, it again boils down to the content of your video or its storyline. Alternatively, you can even make tutorials or an instructional video on how your customers can use your products.

While there are already several marketing campaign strategies that are tested and proven, nothing is stopping you from being more innovative and creating a marketing campaign that is an integration of several of these ideas. Keep in mind that a marketing campaign with content that your customers and target market can relate to is still proven to be the most effective marketing strategy, regardless of the touchpoint or channel used.




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