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Lighting In Web Design – Tips And Examples

People use light effects to enhance web designs or to focuse visitors eyes on something they want to. Yes, light effects can do that in no time. It’s quite easy to work with lighting in web design.

You must know exactly where light(s) is coming from. Why that ? Because if you know that, you can easily determine where the highlights and shadows will fall. If you already had success with lighting, you know very well that controlling the light(s) source in your design is a must because it can help you make better web designs.

Lighting tips to help you

1. Diffuse the light. Diffused light is nothing but softened light. It looks better.

2. Use focused light if you want to attract attention on something. It can dramatically change the way visitors view your website.

3. If you choose to use light(s) for your web design, it’s best to use also shadows. It will look more natural.

4. Try not to use light(s) in many places of your page if you don’t master light effects.

 Examples on the Internet


 1. Alex Buga

2. foehn

3. Tutorial9

4. McCafe

5. Newism


7. Mailchimp

8. icebrrg

9. Digitalmash

10. Serj

11. Feels TV

12. Box Wish



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