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International Women’s Day Special

The 8th of March is universally acknowledged as International Women’s Day. We all have one woman who we’d like to celebrate during this day, be it our mother, our lover, sister or friend. In a world with only two biological human genders, it’s hard to live without having at least one person of the female persuasion that you truly care for.

Most frequently, females are associated with all things pink, chocolate, grand romantic gestures and shoes. But we are more than that, so much more. Girls can like football and enjoy cars, just as well as men can be interested in fashion and passionate about design.

But today isn’t about arguing a case for women. Today is about celebrating them. To that end, we got in touch with one of our favorite photographers, Andrei Ivan, of Andrei Ivan Photography, and compiled a series dedicated to every woman out there.

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Yes, there are fundamental differences between men and women, largely because that’s how it’s supposed to be. The differences go beyond how people perceive women as being fragile or delicate, whereas men are supposed to offer security and strength. The truth is we don’t even function in the same way. The things that make us tick are disparate, but that’s what makes it interesting.

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Why we love women is a question many a heterosexual male has asked himself over time and there seems to be no definitive answer. There’s really no need for it either way. Trust me, women don’t get why they love men half the time, yet they still do and, at times, that love ends up producing amazing things.

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It’s a widely known fact that women have long held a special role in our society. We are the ones that are able to bring new life into the world and despite the fact that our role in society has long evolved past just that, it is still one of the most amazing things we are capable of.


Thank you again to Andrei Ivan and his associates for providing the amazing photographs.


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