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Interesting Product Designs Which Will Make Your Life More Interesting

When you go shopping  you firstly thing about the necessity and then about the utility. When you need a specific product, you normally start looking for something that looks great and fits your needs. Usually, most of the products respect the basic rules of design and utility and sometimes this can create a boring feeling. You want something unique, just like you. You need something that stands up in the crowd. You don’t need a boring square mirror, you want something intricate and sophisticate. Well, check out the products below because their design is extremely daring and interesting.

Tryptique Mirror

This interesting mirror is designed by by Patrick Norguet. The mirror consists of three black mirror surfaces that swivel, thus giving a fractal image of the environment in which they operate. A concealed swivel mechanism reinforces the idea of a mysterious object on the wall. A matte black lacquer finish comes in opposition to a black reflective surface.

“Boya” lamp

These lamps were designed by Outofstock and they were inspired by the form of marine buoys (hence the name) and it was launched earlier this year during Milan’s Salone del Mobile fair.

Soap Stones

These wonderful soaps are designed by Jean Pelle and Oliver Pelle.

Uplifting Carafes

Uplifting Carafes is just one of seven series in a new glass collection created by Fabrica designers for Secondome. The typical handles, the spouts and the conic necks are now generating new shapes, suggesting different ways of handling and pouring the liquids or simply allowing the coffee to filter. You can use them to serve a special cup of tea, coffee, milk or other variation of drinks.

Stick Humidifier

The Stick Humidifier can be used anywhere because  doesn’t have a water tank, it simply needs to be dunked in water to function. It is designed by by Yusuke Fujigaya and Kazuhiro Yamamoto.

Const Lamp by Ploypan Theerachai

The CONST desk lamp is composed of three basic components; base, body and shade. Keeping in mind these simple elements and their respective roles, Theerachai playfully combines expression with function. The concrete and marble base keep the octagon-shaped wood body balanced and allows for the adjusting the angle of the shade by rotating it, which, says Theerachai, is “reminiscent of playing with Lego blocks

Towel Hanger

The wall-mounted system is configured by the placement of stick/hooks on the wall and a rope with a weight at the end of it. Setting up the system is simple, the rope is strung around the sticks with the loose end held in place with the weight – which also acts as a hook.

Water Block Bottle

This bottle was designed by Youngduk Song, Sunman Kwon, Sungmin Kim and Yeongkyu Yoo. The bottle is designed to convey not only the purity of Jeju island’s unique aesthetic beauty but also aims to reinvent the presentation of the standard water bottle with its landscape orientation.

Craft System Lights

These gorgeous objects are actually modular lights that consists of a common base unit and various attachments to customize the lamp.



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