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Interesting Approaches On How To Design A Perfect User Interface

Creating a user interface is one of the hardest task that a designer could ever do because the level of creativity is only equalized by the sheer amount of usability and user experience research and testing. Creating a good user interface is a complex process especially if it’s a mobile application which must adapt to small screen resolutions. Besides the attractive design, you need to think as the user, you need to anticipate his moves and to solve his problems before he encounters them. You can actually compare it with a game of chess because you always need to stay one step ahead.

The user interface is so important that even if your application is worthless, the user will still use it. The best example that I can give is the endless number of weather applications for iOS or Android. I bet that you at least once in an year you download a new weather or email application just for its interface design.

In this article you can see a collection of some gorgeous interface designs which are so eye catchy that the purpose of the application may be ignored. As you will see, many of them are made for iOS not because the market is bigger but rather because of the higher requirements and expectations that the iPhone users are demanding. Some designs are so interesting and innovative that I downloaded the apps just to admire the graphic work.

The rather funny part is that if you create a stunning user interface, there is a possibility that your application will be ignored because of the graphical part. It’s exactly like having the most economical and powerful motor engine around…if the car is stunning, everybody will talk about its design and then about its capabilities.

Peel The Circle

1. user interface design


2. user interface design

Time Widget

3. user interface design


4. user interface design

Menu Concept

5. user interface design

Top Scores

6. user interface design

People Around

7. user interface design


8.  user interface design

Clean Signup

9. user interface design

Nike+ Run App

10. user interface design

Monthly Analysis dashboard

11. user interface design

iOS7 Weather App v.2

12. user interface design


13. user interface design

Spotify Flat

14. user interface design

WIP Game Trading

15. user interface design


16. user interface design

WIP – Energy

17. user interface design

Iphone Home Screen

18. user interface design

Mobile Design Concept

19. user interface design

Mobile App Sidebar

20. user interface design


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