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Incredible Architecture – Rainbow Airport Walkway

Airports are not something lovable. They are crowded with people, endless security checkpoints and waiting long hours for your flight. Some of us are lucky, especially those from Miami International Airport, where they can enjoy an (almost) psychedelic 180 foot-long moving walkway, named “Harmonic Convergence”. This cool piece of art was made by Christopher Janney and it’s composed of 132 sheets of colored glass organized in “zones of color.”

The work combines light, colour, and sound as it leads passengers from a rental car terminal to the airport proper.  On the walkway you’ll see speakers placed at regular intervals, in order to create a series of ever-changing “sound images” as people move through the space.  Drawing on the sounds of South Florida, the sound-score elicits tropical birds, distant thunder storms, sounds of the Everglades and other natural environments indigenous to the area, creating a “sonic portrait” of South Florida.


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