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The importance of a company logo and how it influences your business

If you have your own company, you surely have a logo of your own as well .A company without a logo is like a person without ID. It can’t be recognized not just by customers but also by potential partners in the industry in which it operates. There are many aspects to a company logo, and more than a few business owners are oblivious to the important of having one. In this article, we discuss the benefits of a strong company logo and how it impacts business. Let’s look at how a quick trip to the Online Logo Maker can give your company a new identity.

The top things prompted by a great logo

When it comes to what a logo can do for your company, you need to be aware of three main aspects of a logo, and what it does for the organization. These are:

Brand awareness- People will become more familiar with your brand and will be able to associate your brand with the services or products that you provide. Without a potent logo, customers will have a hard time remembering your business and partners won’t be any different.

Company identity- Just like you can’t trust or claim to know a person whose face you’ve never seen, so too a company without a logo appears less trustworthy. A logo provides company identity and people start to associate the logo with the name. This is very important because today’s marketing revolves hard around minimalism and subtle usage of imagery. When you conduct your marketing, you won’t have to write entire paragraphs to introduce your firm when you can just post a simple image depicting the company logo.

Logo variations

Many top tier companies have variations of their logos. We are not talking about updated versions of the initial logo which featured an outdated design, but about logo variations which emphasize a certain characteristic, trait, or even partnership of the company.

If your company would create a new division that specializes in a certain service or is born out of a partnership with another firm, you need a very quick and effective way to let your customers know that.  A logo can provide that solution and with just a couple of brush strokes in a digital manipulation software, the logo can transmit an entirely new message. An example of this is how Google creates a new logo for its Android operating system with each version of the software. When Google partnered up with KitKat, another top tier brand, the Android logo was redesigned to appear made out of KitKat bars. That image did the partnership more justice than a thousand words, and it’s all part of the power of the logo.

Having a company logo isn’t an option if you’re aiming for success, but having a bad logo isn’t going to get you anywhere either. In other words, memorable brands always rely on a strong and clever logo design that stands the test of time.


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