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Imagery and Artistry Integrated into Hand Drawn Web Designs

As kids, most of us were prone to art. But not the fancy kind of art, the down-to-earth art of drawing. Our doodles could appear on the best decorative materials: on paper which eventually ended up on the fridge, on concrete, on the bedroom walls – best creations ever! Today, we don’t draw as much, crayons have lost their appeal and everything is created on the computer. But what if we went back to basics? What if we wake the dormant artist inside? Some of us already did and it turned out quite amazing. Using simple funny sketches or abstract drawings some designers gave their website a personal and original touch that creates a great visual experience for users.

Let’s check out some examples of inspiring hand-drawn website designs that will make you start doodling again.

Mooze Design is a graphic design agency that uses a drawn head of a moose partly covered by a sort of white sticker as the mascot and central image of the website.



On the website of Paravel, a web design and branding shop, we are greeted by three mariachi cowboys representing the three associates of the company with the motto “we design, we code, we love”. The background wild-west scenery gives us a hint of the location of the company (Austin, Texas).



Madwell, another web design company, takes its motto “a tiny little giant agency” to another level, by having a drawing of a kid controling a part of the Earth on their homepage.



Jesse Willmon gives his website a playful twist, efficiently displaying his work and  catching the attention of the user with the “I did”, “I made”, “I designed” doodles that are very cute and straight to the point.



Another eye-catching design is the one of BeSmart&Team where the drawing of a gentleman presents us the very colourful and lively website.


The design and illustrations studio These are Things website introduces us to the animated version of the designers – two cute round-headed people who accompany the user through the page.


Web designer Priscilla Martins gives us a sample of her work: drawn collages resembling wallpaper that slowly fade in the background.


Coo coo core has a very simple design of the homepage with a brown abstract tree at the center.


Uncle Emile, another web designer website uses a simple yet interesting sketch of a part of a skull to get the user’s attention.


A black and white picture of elks and  roosters on a small island with a glowing yellow sun watching over them is the background of the FK Agency website.


Web designer Douglas Menezes makes use of an interesting colour palette of pink, turquoise and beige in abstract forms as the background image.


Card Stories is a card game website where the user is welcomed by a cute looking octopus that plays the part of a dealer.


Go Live! Gives users a chance to shout about their work. The drawings look simple and fun and help you get the information you need fast.


DIY is a website where you can learn new skills. Each skill is represented by a colored drawn icon that resembles a scout’s badges.



The people in Bruges, a beautiful city in Belgium, definitely know how to attract tourists. The website contains colored sketches of buildings and interactively provides information about the city.


Every Last Drop has a very cute animation about how much water we use throughout the day – you scroll down and the character does daily activities while you get information about water consumption.


Like the water consumption website, UK Energy Consumption Guide is an energy consumption website.  A very colorful one with an abstract looking tree that has a bubbly interactive treetop that changes colour and shows how much energy was consumed.


The Production Kitchen, Jacqui’s journey to the perfect cake takes you through a wide range of various drawn utensils  and ingredients that can be used when making a cake.


Luhse Tea website of a tea-shop has a crime-novel theme with Bonnie and Clyde characters on a dark background.


C & C Coffee, another beverages website – this time a coffe house – has a coffee cup as the central element and the website’s menu is made of hand-drawn animated dangling pads.


St. Malachy’s Primary School Wildlife Garden has a very cheerful design featuring childrens’ doodles that are very cute and also appropriate, since it’s the website of a primary school.


Ernest et Celestine tells us the story of a friendship between a bear and a mouse using a beautifully drawn animation.


Two Years Together is a very nice website that shows through drawings the places a couple has visited in the last two years. The drawings depict various well-known landmarks from around the world, as well as people; all on a sky background, that changes as you scroll down, as if reflecting different times of the day.


This is the website for Kutztown University Communication Design. The drawings look beautiful and not only on the Home Page. Even the Faculty members seem to be drawn. If you cannot think of a reason to go to university, just visit this website, and you’ll find one just by looking at its design.



Hand-drawings have never been as useful and fascinating as they are now in web design. They give a personal touch that can emphasize a websites uniqueness and also please the users with an amazing visual experience. Whether they are simple sketches, kids’ doodles, water colored or abstract, they can make an inspirational design for any website.




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