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How To Formulate An Effective Advertising Campaign

There are a lot of marketing consultants who say that appealing to the emotions of your buyers is an old and ineffective trick in the book. But in reality, an advertising campaign which actually tugs into the heartstrings of prospective clients actually has a huge probability of working.  While a lot of consultants believe that creativity is extremely important, it is only a secondary factor to the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

The best ads are the ones which are able to entice its viewers to purchase a product because it arouses the prospective customers’ want and need for that item. Such kind of ad campaign can bring about a high ROI for any business. And on top of that, these ads actually contribute towards branding your business.

However, the thing about advertising which people often overlook is the fact that the job of advertising is never done. Although you may launch one of the most successful advertising campaigns for your dental practice, you cannot just pack your things up for good and just wait for people to start pouring in without investing in a sound advertising campaign ever again.

After employing a certain marketing strategy for a specified period of time, there will come a time when its effectiveness will wane. This is why you need to keep reinventing yourself. As a dental practice, you need to come up with a variety of marketing campaigns.

There are three methods for creating an effective advertising campaign – single benefit, characterization and narrative. With single benefit, your campaign aims to link a product or service which you are endorsing with benefits that your patients will get by availing of these goods and/or services from you and not from your rivals.

For instance, a dental clinic may set its edge over the other practices because it offers spa services along with the standard dental procedures.

On the other hand, characterization revolves around a consumer and how he or she found the good or service extremely helpful. Lastly, narrative method makes use of a story which includes a problem and a resolution. It does not matter which of the three methods are used as long as they are utilized to evoke a strong sense of emotion from its target customers.

For a typical dental practice, a good advertising campaign should have a mix of emotions and logic. For instance, you can create a campaign highlighting how procedures are done faster with your newest pieces of equipment. To add emotional appeal, you can throw in how busy parents now have more time to spend with their kids because their dental procedures were done faster than usual.


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