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How To Find A Great Graphic Designer At An Affordable Rate

We can’t always do everything ourselves. When you are an entrepreneur this can be a source of great frustration; already, you are used to creating a product or service and running a business largely on your own. So you have grown accustomed to stepping up to the plate and creating a plan alone. You might be wanting this to extend to your website, branding or logo design, but unless you have a degree in graphic art you are probably out of luck on that front.

There are plenty of long, winding guides out there that explain the process of finding a graphic designer. But what if you just need something to quickly tell you how to get one that is within your price range? This article will give you some quick steps to finding the right designer for your budget and needs, without compromising quality for cost.

Step One – Figure Out What You Have

I cannot tell you how many people I have spoken to who have a desire to find a good graphic designer, but they don’t know anything about their own options. They don’t know what they want in a brand or website, what they have available for a budget, their long term goals or plans for continued campaign integration…nothing.

This is a huge mistake. You have to know exactly what you can afford and need before you go searching for someone who has what you are looking for. Otherwise, you won’t recognize them when you see them, will you?

To set up a budget, start by looking at what you have to spend. You will have a maximum you are able to spend and the amount you would rather spend. Always go for the highest amount you can part with, as this will give you the highest quality you can buy.

Step Two – Create a Candidate List

Never go with the first designer you speak to, no matter how good they seem. You should have a list of at least three options, five if you are adventurous and more if you are a bit too cautious. From there you can begin to eliminate candidates until you find the best one for the job. Anyone who is professional and talented will be able to sell themselves to you, which is part of their job. You just have to find who will be the best fit.

When you are interviewing a graphic designer, there are a few things you should ask them. These questions include:

-Previous work experience.
-Their ability to stick to a schedule.
-How often then usually communicate with clients.
-How many revisions and edits they include in their quoted price.
-If they work by the hour or by project.
-What services they regularly provide, such as branding, logo design and full website creation.

You should also ask to see samples or a portfolio, so you can get a clear view of their past work.

Step Three – Narrowing It Down To One Designer

Now that you have all the facts, it is time to see which one is going to be best suited to your needs. You should have an idea of their price, so use the maximum amount you can spend that was estimated in step one and match it to each candidate. Those that are in the price range are your new list to narrow down.

From there, look at the questions they answered about their services. You want someone who will touch on each of your goals. Who is able to provide that? This should narrow it down further, unless each has the necessary skills involved in your project.

Next, look at their samples. Who has the most aesthetically pleasing past work? Can they create something that interests you? Seeing past work is crucial in making a decision, and it is here that you should contact any references they may have provided, as well. This will let you verify that the work is theirs.

Step Four – Clearing The Details

By now you should have a designer who you have chosen that fits your price range and can give you what you need. Which means you need to give them a clear set of goals you have established for them to follow.

This is where many people go wrong. Regular communication and being clear is a must for having a positive experience with a designer. No graphic artist can give you what you want if you don’t give them what they need. This means listening when they say something won’t work, and taking the limitations of your own chosen budget into account.

Make sure you keep in contact at least a few times a week, ask to occasionally see what they have so far, and don’t be afraid to ask for changes before they finish. This will make it easier for them to edit, and lessen the likelihood that you will be charged extra at the end.


In four easy steps you can find the designer you are looking for, and without breaking the bank. But it is up to you to put in the work to get what you need. So take an interest in your own budget and needs, and act accordingly. It is much easier than you might have imagined.



Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.