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How To Easily Keep Your Clients Hooked Using Newsletters

Having a website, especially an e-shop it’s not an easy task. You need to constantly make sure that you can deliver the best products and that you are up to date with what the client needs.Having an online business is sometimes harder than simply having a physical store because there is a lot of work in order to get new clients and most important, to make them loyal customers.

The internet is packed with thousands of online businesses, so being in front of your competition requires a lot of effort. You need to be sure that you are getting noticed, therefore you need to invest in advertising. The potential customer must be able to find you or your products easily using Google or Bing, therefore you need to invest in advertising. Your client must love your website, therefore you need to invest in web design. As you can see, there are a lot of expenses which will pile up in order to grow your clientele. But what if you already have a good amount of customers? Well, the thing is that you can find yourself in a bad position where in period of time you haven’t made any sell, even if you know that there are tens or hundreds of people which already bought from you. What happened that suddenly the sales number dropped so hard?

The answer is simple: you didn’t keep your clients hooked and they either forgot about you, either missed your offers. In order to avoid this, you need to use a so called email marketing software which allows you to send newsletters to your clients. Sure, before starting to send these emails you need to be sure that they gave you their consent, otherwise it’s called spamming, and it’s not only bad but also illegal.

Imagine that you have a special promotion on a gorgeous wordpress theme. How do you make your clients know about it? It makes sense, right? The email marketing is the best and efficient way to go.

If you have one or two clients then you can send these newsletters manually, but if you have hundreds of clients, then you should use special software for that. There are many options available online and all you need to do is to search for email marketing software reviews in order to find the best solution for your needs.

If you can’t decide upon one, then I recommend you an email marketing service which is very efficient and cost effective.


With over 20.000 customers in two years, MailerLite quickly became a viable option for any type of marketing campaign. Their service is extremely easy to use and their drag-and-drop editor makes it easier than ever to create email newsletters that look great without any HTML skills. Also, their newsletters are automatically optimized for smartphones and tables, so your newsletters remain in great shape and totally responsive.


You can manage your subscribers very easy, you can measure results with MailerLite Reports, get an overview of everything from Opens and Clicks, Unsubscribes, Spam Complaints, Bounces to Link Activity, Reading Environment and much more.


Also, you can design signup forms for your website using their simple form builder and you can easily make them fit your brand and match your newsletter style. This will help new subscribers to go from your website directly to MailerLite subscriber groups. Even more, they provide a service which helps you find out who is using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you can plan your strategy even better. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to integrate with Google Analytics; you can add special Google Analytics tags on all links in your email newsletter. That will let you better monitor your email campaign’s success and even track conversions and sales.

That being said, I’m inviting you to check and see all of their features because I’m sure that you will find everything you need for a successful marketing campaign.


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