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How To Create An Awesome Logo

The logo of your company is a visual representation of everything that the business stands for.  The problem is that a lot of companies skimp when it comes to the development of this key identity piece.  Ideally, you will want a logo that enhances the crucial first impression that potential customers and partners have of your business.  A good logo can build a lot of loyalty as well as establish your brand identity and provide you with the professional look that you need.

A good example of this is Allstate’s ‘good hands’ logo.  This logo generates a warm feeling for the company while also establishing trust and care.  With a little bit of time, thought and creativity, you will be able to create a logo that expresses the positive attributes of your business.

The Logo Types

When you look at logos, it is important to note that there are 3 different types.  The first is font-based logos which are generally a type treatment.  Some examples of type treatment logos will include those of IBM, Sony, and Microsoft which use font with a twist to make them unique.  There are also logos which are a literal illustration of what the company does such as a logo of a brush for a painting company.  The last type of logo will be the abstract graphic such as the tick in the Nike Logo which is now intrinsically linked to the brand.

It is important to note that a symbol or abstract graphic will be meaningless unless your company can communicate the underlying association to customers.  However, the building of this mental bridge between the abstract graphic and the brand will take a lot of time and money.  The Nike tick will have no meaning other than the one which has been created over the years by the company.  This meaning has been created using savvy marketing efforts which have turned the symbol into a brand identity cue.

A growing business will generally not be able to afford the investment that this requires.  This means that a logo which clearly illustrates what your company does or stands for will be a better choice.  There are experts who state that a type treatment as your logo could be too generic to get the attention that you want.  It is recommended that potential customers be able to tell what your company does just by looking at the logo that you have.

Getting Started

Before you start at learning how to design your logo or sketch out any ideas, you need to think about the message that you want to convey to people with the logo.  You should look at writing down some one-sentence image and mission statements to help you focus.  When you are creating your logo, you will need to stay true to the statement that you have.

However, this is not enough to get you started.  There are some additional tactics that you need to use and considerations that you have to know about.  They will help you to create the most appropriate logo for your company.

Before you start, you need to look at the logos of other businesses within your industry.  You should consider what your competitors are doing.  You will then want to consider how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd and make your logo stand out.

You also need to focus on your message.  You will have to decide on what you want to communicate about your company through the logo.  Are you going for something lighthearted or do you want something serious?  You also need to consider how the message is different to your competition and how it will connect with the target audience that you have.  All of this will play a large role in the overall design of your logo.

The logo should also be clean and functional.  You need to ensure that the logo can work well on your business card as well as the side of a van.  Good logos will be scalable, memorable, easy to reproduce and distinctive.  It is better to use icons instead of photographs as they will not become indecipherable when scaled.  You should also ensure that the logo can be reproduced in monotone so that it can be photocopied, faxed or otherwise used in black and white without any problems.

It is also important to note that your business name will impact the design of your logo.  If you have a jewelry business, you will generally want something classy that will match the overall feel of the business.  However, if you have a business which is called Lightning Bolt Printing, you will generally be able to use some more creativity.

The logo that you create should highlight one of the key benefits of your business.  The best logos will make an immediate statement with their image and not with words.  The Lightning Bolt Printing company could use a lightning bolt in their logo to represent a fast and reliable printing service.  The bolt can be manipulated to show the speed and accuracy of the business.

When creating your logo, you need to avoid clip art.  While this might be tempting, it is important to note that this can be copied very easily.  Original art will generally make a more impressive statement about the company and it will help to set your company apart from the competition.

You should also look at avoiding any rends.  If you are going to be redesigning your old logo, you run the risk of confusing your customers.  If you want to change the logo, you should look at doing this slowly to avoid any undermining of customer confidence.  However, you should also avoid multiple logo changes.  Choose a logo that you can stick with for 10 to 20 years or longer because that is the mark of a good design.

Watch The Colors

When you are looking at the colors for your logo, you need to consider the cost.  The logo with 5 colors could look amazing, but when it comes to producing it on your stationery, the price is going to be anything but amazing.  These logos will also not work with all mediums and you need to consider this.  You should look at sticking to a maximum of 3 colors.

You need to consider that your logo is going to appear on a variety of media from stationery to delivery vehicles to packaging and more.  Some of these applications will have limitations and you need to consider this.  When you look at colors, you have to consider all of this and look at one or two colors only.

Hire A Designer

While it is important that you take the time to brainstorm logo ideas, trying to create the logo on your own might not be the best idea.  Doing this yourself could seem like a good way of saving on the costs as a professional design firm could charge between $4,000 and $15,000 for a logo design.  However, you need to be aware of the fact that there are thousands of independent designers who will be able to create the logo for you for a fraction of these costs.

If you are on a tight budget, you should shop around for a designer.  There are a lot of freelance designers who charge a reasonable rate per hour and can design your logo for you.  Of course, you should not hire a freelancer based on their bargain price.

You need to find a designer that is familiar with your industry and with your competition.  If you feel that the cost is still very high, you need to remember that a good logo design can last for 10 years.  If you look at what the logo will cost over the 10 year period, you will see that it is not so bad.

It is important that you consult a professional designer even if you have a good eye for color and a sense of what you want the logo to look like.  The reason for this is that they know whether or not the logo will transfer easily to all mediums.  The logo that you have will be the foundation of your promotional materials and it is worth getting it right.

 Use the Design Hill Logo Maker

The Designhill logo maker is exactly as you’d imagine – you simply add in your details and the complex system of AI will then create an apt image that you can then use as your logo.

Designhill have been working in the graphic design area for years now and know exactly what it takes to create the right style of logo for a business. The new logo design tool has taken all of the knowhow and automated the whole process, so even those with little to no graphic design knowledge can create a great logo and it’s not expensive either – pricing starts at $20 and you only pay when you are happy with that the logo is one you love.

It’s a fast and affordable alternative to what else is out there and is going to be a big game changer.

Using And Protecting Your Logo

Once you have your logo, you need to ensure that you trademark it to protect it.  You can apply for a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office website.  Once the logo has been protected, you will be able to use it on all of your stationery.

Creating a logo can sound easy, but you need to remember that this is what pulls your customers and business together.  Taking the time to do this right will ensure that you have a positive and recognizable symbol for your business for years to come.



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