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How to Check Hosting Relevancy With Ease

Often I hear people complaining that their hosting is awful, complicated or very expensive. Many website owners, especially the beginners have no idea how to search for the best hosting provider suited for their needs and they are ending up with a big hole in their budget or with bad stories to tell.

So, what should you do? Well, you should check the hosting relevancy before buying an account, using tool. This tool is designed to help people find out if a web hosting solution is compatible with their website. During analysis, the tool will aggregate customer reviews, product uptime data, and editor reviews to generate a score indicating how appropriate the hosting plan is for the parameters inputted. It is a valuable tool that should be taken into consideration before buying a new hosting product.

How it works?

They have a large database with reviews about the application or framework used, daily traffic, and the reviewer’s feedback on the performance and reliability of their web hosting. With this information, the Host Relevancy Check tool will know how appropriate the hosting plan is for your website’s particular needs. If the web host or plan is designated as unsuitable, alternatives will be offered. To check hosting relevancy, you should select a web hosting plan and tell the system what application is used to develop the site and the estimated daily page view.

For example, let’s find a WordPress hosting for two websites: first having a daily page view between 0-300 and  the second between 600-1001.

Because I’m only interested on the best results, I’m looking at the first two.  I see that Arvixe Personal Class has a better price plan so let’s check out the report for it.

First, let’s see the Arvixe Review and the relevancy result for a daily page view between 0 and 300.

Great! From the relevant analysis tool we can see that this host is excellent for our website. It has a good overall score and an excellent uptime of 99.95% for the past 30 days, so it’s definitely something we should go ahead and place the order.

Even more, if we are not completely sure about the result, we can check the reviews. As I can see, there are 3 relevant comments so let’s check out the first two of them.

Both of them are using PHP and WordPress, their reviews are ok and the overall score is great. Sweet, I think this is the best choice for my site.

Let’s move on and see if this hosting can support my other site, which has a daily page view between 600 and 1001.

The analysis tool gives us the result: Not Recommended. That because there are no enough reviews to prove that Arvixe Personal Class is suitable for a website which has a traffic between 600 and 1001 daily pageviews, or, maybe the reviewers just don’t recommend it in this situation. Whatever, we should stay away from it.

The tool didn’t find any reviews but it gives us valuable information: the best plans for this type of hosting model. This is great because we don’t have to restart the searching process. Right from this page we see that the best choice is a vps plan from Hostgator.

So, there you have it: a good and reliable tool which can help us make an important decision with ease and having more details about the hosting choice.


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