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How To Blend Images Into A Background Fast

Images are great, but unless they have been edited to blend into their surroundings, they can look bold, striking and unprofessional to say the least. If the image has been blended into its surroundings then it can look sharp and professional. It is something that needs to be spot on when designing, because if the background is to striking, it becomes the main attraction.

A background is not supposed to be the point of focus it is supposed to blend in and make the page look well put together. Blending your images is one way that this can be combated, and once this technique is mastered it only takes seconds to do. It is a technique that is simple but really affects your designs positively if you use it correctly.

The way to blend your image into a background is simple by using one tool in Photoshop. Simply paste your image into Photoshop, you will then have to expand the size of the canvas, the shortcut is Alt+Ctrl+C. The amount you increase the canvas size will vary depending on the image but make sure the new sizes are larger than what they previously where. Otherwise you are reducing the size of the canvas.

When you have increased your canvas space, you need to select the erase tool, which looks like an eraser in the left hand toolbar. Your cursor should then turn into a circle, if the area of the circle is too large or small you can use [ to reduce the size, and ] to increase the size of the circle.

Now the size of your erase tool has been chosen, just trim away at the edges, make sure you do this process gradually, but if you do mess up, you can use Ctrl+Alt+Z to have another go. Once your image is successfully blended the edges of the image should slowly graduate into the background colour and look a little something like the image below.


Blending images is a fairly simple process, once it is learned it can be used in many projects to add the finishing touches to professional images and design. It is something that can really change a design and give it that finishing touch when it feels like the design is not quite finished, now by using the blending technique, your work can finally be finished.


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