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How much does it cost to develop an online marketplace like Wish

In recent years, the Internet sales market is developing rapidly. And of course, this fact has a particular impact on the development of mobile web browsers, because a huge percentage of purchases is made through mobile applications. Turning to statistics, more than 150 million customers have made at least one purchase through the mobile web browser for the past year. How are you such numbers? And this is not the limit, as it is expected that the amount of users will rise next year.

So let’s talk about people who use the mobile Internet browser. In the case of e-commerce, the target audience consists of a business class and a class of customers. Together they form the three branches of e-commerce:

– Business to Customer. This industry includes online stores.

-Business to Business. In this case, companies and manufacturers exchange goods and services.

-Customer to Customer. This industry includes all deals between customers (a good example here is Amazon)

How much does it cost to develop an online marketplace like Wish

What is Wish app and how does it work?

Now let’s talk about Wish directly. This is a service that is available in USA and Great Britain. Thanks to this service, users from the above countries can contact manufacturers in China. Buying through Wish is especially pleasing because of a bunch of discounts and a bonus system. So what else is special about the Wish system? First of all, it provides buyers with the ability to list the products they would like to buy. In this way, manufacturers will find out how popular this or that product is. Also, not only Chinese manufacturers can use the system, but also representatives of other countries.

Now let’s give a look at how Wish app works. All goods in Wish app are divided into categories for the convenience of the buyer and to enhance the personalization of customers in general. The application exists both on the platform iOS, and on the Android platform. In total there are six projects connected with Wish. Here they are:

1. Wish website where you can buy any product you want.

2. Geek Wish website where you can buy mainly electric and technical goods.

3. Mama shopping where you can buy any goods for children, mothers, future parents, and so on.

4. Cute Wish where you can buy everything girls dream of: fake eyelashes, cosmetics, wigs etc.

5. Home decor where you can buy everything to make your home cozier.

6. Wish for merchants which is specially created for Wish merchants, where they can manage all processes related to the sale of their products.

Separating Wish app into different applications was a good idea, because it saves users time.

How much does it cost to develop an online marketplace like Wish

Development of the Wish mobile app

Can Wish be called a reliable application? Though the application itself is not responsible for the quality of the product and delivery, merchants are responsible for all these. Wish has become one of the most convenient markets for small traders and popular brands. For each deal, Wish receives 15% of the value of this transaction. Now, let’s get to the business strategy of the Wish app, that made this application so popular:

-Oriented on impulsive buyers, as the application offers a bunch of cheap things with a nice picture … How to resist this?

– Comfortable for using on your mobile.

-Discount and bonus system.

Wish application also has its disadvantages which are quite significant. First of all, the buyer may be afraid that the app is not responsible for the delivery and for the quality of the product, so before developing the application, you should think about protecting the rights of the client. The second important point is the quality of the product. Cheap product attracts one-time buyers, but the quality is something that will make person to buy your products again. If you plan to create an application like Wish, then first of all it is important to define a set of functions. It is best to start with MVP version, since in this way you can check your business idea with minimal investment. Here are some of MVP functions that could be useful to you at the beginning:

– User registration
– Search engine and articles classification
– Personal bonuses
– Client support system
– Flash Deal discounts
– Shopping cart
– Payments
– Check orders
– Push notifications
– Clients feedback section
– Transparent delivery terms

How much does it cost to develop an app like Wish?

Taking into account all that was said above, let’s calculate how much it costs to create an application like Wish. Today, many companies offer application development, the price may vary from $ 6,000 to $ 65,000 for a ready-made application. The price of your application will depend on several aspects. To begin, choose the platform on which your application will work. After that, put out the functionality that you would like to give your app. As the number of functions increases, the price will also increase, however, do not forget that the higher the quality of your application, the more likely it is to be used. Now, if you are interested to create an app like Wish – do not hesitate to contact managers of Roobykon company right now to evaluate the value of your project!



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