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Hot Deal For Designers – You Can Grab The “Verb” Font At Only $9 For A Limited Time

Every designer knows how hard is to find a good font to mach your project, and how a nightmare can be if you choose something which doesn’t fit. We rely on visual communication so every design must be able to attract user’s attention from the first second. How do you achieve this? Well, by creativity, clever images, good color combination and a perfect font because this is what makes the message be “heard”, in the absence of sound.

From time to time a font becomes extremely popular, such as Helvetica and it will instantly be adopted as a standard in typography. For a graphic or web designer, using a popular font means that you don’t have to take any risks and you will know for sure that your illustration will perfectly do its job. One of these fonts is the “Verb”, a friendly and heart-warming font which is full of energy. Being so popular, the price is $270 which can be prohibitive for many, but for a limited time you can grab it at $9, which means you will get a 97% discount!


This gorgeous font is is loved by famous designers because it is extremely versatile and can work gorgeously on man types of designs. It is actually a family of 18 pixel perfect fonts which include types such as italic, bold, semibold, medium, regular and many more.


Besides different font types, Verb has a lot of professional typographic features, so no project will be too tough for Verb to handle. You have small caps, alternate or discretionary ligature, oldstyle and currency numerals, automatic fractions, cardinals, an extensive language support and that’s not even a half  of it!

Take a look at some examples of Verb in action:


4 5




As you can see, the Verb is absolutely gorgeous so it is a vital font which must be a part of every designer’s toolbox. So don’t waste your time and grab it while it’s only $9 because this discount will disappear quickly.




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