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Great Selection of Booklet Designs

A booklet is a great way to show the main features of a product or a service, and the main advantage is that the consumer can understand everything from it so he wont waste his (and yours) time asking to many questions. Some designers took it to another level by making CV’s or music packages as brochure.

In this article you can see a nice selection of some very creative examples of booklet printing designs.

Jim Houser Vinyl Record Packaging

You may know Jim Houser from his beautifully detailed paintings and compelling installation art work. Jim is also a talented musician, and when he asked us to design the packaging for his new record, we were thrilled. This piece came together effortlessly because we had access to dozens of fantastic images of artwork in progress, finished pieces, found photos, and scenes from Jim’s daily life to make a 16-page booklet. The booklet is inserted into a full-color gatefold cover that houses the vinyl record. The hue of the green vinyl takes a cue from the color palette of Jim’s paintings and does a great job of completing the package.


RAPTURE is an independent publication created, printed and designed by the owner, Ana Ferreira.

Network Promo

Booklet containing information and research found during experimentation of Visualising Networks. The aim of the booklet is to propmote the benefits of networking in this day and age, from students through to career professionals. The booklet is displayed with the installation piece and is intended to be taken away with the viewer to keep.

Avant Garde Gothic Typeface Booklet

Features 27 pages containing information on Herbert Lubalin, the establishment of the ITC, type-classification, font-weights, ligatures and much more. CV

This is a great idea: a CV made like a booklet, with all the information written in very creative way.

SH’N Mood Booklet

Mood booklet for SH’N jewelry collection presenting its natural inspiration source.


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