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Great Mobile Website Designs

In these days, everyone has at least one smart mobile phone that can access the internet. Most of time, we are rushing from one place to another and we don’t have access to a computer to search different things that we need.  So, we use our phones. 

Latest mobile phones ease very much internet browsing but older phones or cheap ones are quite bad for browsing, so they need websites made especially for phones. Here, mobile websites gain a big advantage over the usual websites because everyone can use a mobile website from their phone.

This is a showcase of the best 15 examples of  mobile web design that can inspire you if you are looking to make your own.

1. Mobilize Media

2. Digg

3. Flickr

4. MySpace

5. Deviant Art

6. Alex Buga

7. Toy Soldier

8. Vimeo

9. Burger King

10. McDonald’s

11. AOL Money & Finance

12. Android and Me

13. Nike Lab

14. Twitter

15. Mashable


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