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Great Examples Of Sticker Designs

Stickers are now used mostly by people who want to either send a strong message or just to decorate something. Another user of stickers is in France. Here, stickers are placed on employees automobile by their employer to inform them their car is not parked in a way compliant with the company’s regulation. The sticker printing process is usually made on cardstock, epoxy, fabric, flocked, sparkly, paper, puffy, and vellum. While in the earlier days of scrapbooking custom stickers were sold mostly on 2″x6″ sheets, now 6″x12″ and even 12″x12″ size sheets are very common.

Condiments & Entrails Book

Credits: Art Direction, Design: Bunch, Illustrations: OmegaTheKid!Phoenix

Serious Characters

Vinyls – electricity series


City Slickers

Plastic 3D Wall Stickers


Deep Throat, Solomon & Jeremy

Funny stickers by Aleix Gordo


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