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Great Examples of Clean Booklet Designs

I know that we are living in mostly an online world, but I’m still in loved with things like posters, business cards, calendars or booklets. Some people say that these are replaced with social accounts, personal websites or smartphones (for calendars) but I don’t agree. If you run a business and want to bee seen as a serious person, give me your business card and don’t tell me that I can check your bio on your site. If you want to promote something, do it also using flyers and booklets because the paper can’t be replaced with virtual pixels. A potential customer needs something solid to which he can hold on to. In this article you can see some examples of clean booklet printing designs made by some very talented designers from around the world. I hope you like them and let me know what you think.


Pig Slaughterhouse

Emma Benyon – Self Promotion

Are you lost ?

Environment Waikato Annual Report


Annual report for Insurance Agency


4FM Media Booklet







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