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Glennz Tees Designs

Glenn Jones is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zeeland. “GLENN” from “NZ” = GLENNZ. GLENZZ was his username on T-shirt design site, which is where this all started. Because that’s the name alot of people associate his work with it, it made sense to carry on using it here.

It started out as a hobby when Glenn began submitting T-shirt designs to After a few years of success there, he decided it was time to focus on designing tees and teamed up with some friends to start this US based store. Glenn’s friends are the guys behind and they help make Glennz Tees happen. They’ve got a lot of experience distributing their own stuff with the help of their sister company Amplifier, who handles shirt production, order fulfillment and customer service for GlennzTees which is all based in Austin, Texas.

You can find him HERE !


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