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Giveaway: Win 150 Stock Photos From Depositphotos

Halloween is almost here so if you have a website you should start preparing for trick and treat or else your visitors won’t ring your website’s doorbell. These special events are great opportunities for reaching new customers or for selling more therefore a specific theme will be welcomed. Even if you use one single Halloween image could mean the difference between a sale and just a webpage scrolling so jumped in to help you with a neat giveaway that will help you use your favorite stock images for free: we will offer 3 coupons, each one for downloading freely 150 stock photos. has a cool discount on Halloween images that I’m sure you will love. Everything from logos and all the way to high resolution images are waiting to be used with just a click of a button. For example, slightly changing your logo just like Google is doing with its doodle can make your website a lot more interesting. Or, if you don’t have a website, you can use Halloween images to put on your door or walls just to create a funnier environment. Furthermore, if you want to make your friends laugh or look surprised, change you Facebook profile image with a spooky witch or pumpkin.


For example, if you have a ecommerce website then you can use the coupon to download images such as the ones below.

Bucket filled with halloween candy

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Halloween vintage set

So, let’s recap: in this giveaway we are giving 3 coupons with 150 free downloads each. Here are the instructions:



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