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The Future of Web Design Is Upon Us with Unified Solutions

As we set out to build WordPress sites, we have grown to imagine that inexpensive and free type kits would be commonplace and accessible, whereas fonts and typeface used to be open exclusively for large budgets just a couple of years ago. It’s obvious that our industry has come a long way, even in terms of responsiveness. Nowadays, it would be abnormal to come up with a website that isn’t cross-browser and cross-device responsive.

Smarter Image Optimization Techniques and Wholesome Themes

Web designers are very picky when it comes to website themes. The platforms and themes that we turn to should, with no exception, be able to support us with clean code that is W3C-validated. Presently, it’s not a secret that the front office is wide open to web designers. Furthermore, the best-designed themes on the market offer shortcodes with various functionality.

I think that 2015 will continue to glorify huge-impact video and image backgrounds, and introduce new ways to optimize images for quick page loading and perfectly responsive re-sizing. What is more, I believe that the most sought-after WordPress themes will be the most feature-rich of the lot.

X Theme – A Worthy Choice



If you’ve had any dealings with ThemeForest at all lately, then you can’t have missed the waves sent by X Theme 3.0 throughout the web design industry. If, for some unfathomable reason, you happened to stay blind to the charms of this fast-selling theme, then let me describe it to you in short.

Themeco engineered X Theme to be an all-around WordPress theme for web designers. So far, all testimonials attest to its extreme versatility and sense of completion, praising the vast knowledge base and helpful support service. There’s something very wholesome about X; in the backstage, Themeco developers are engaged in a full time effort to understand users, and fulfill all of their wishes.

Stacks were the first main attraction. Unlike any other alternatives, X Theme started to offer wholesome designs for all purposes: Ethos, Renew, Icon, and Integrity – accompanied by more than 30 demos. On top of that, X users are able to give shape to unique-looking websites, with many navigation options, and use a live preview function in the process.

The Stacks never cease to impress. But apart from their unique appeal, X Theme also includes 600 Google Fonts plus all weights and styles, along with 40 shortcodes, and a recent integration with vital WordPress plugins has brought about awesome extensions to this already powerful theme.


Meet the Custom Made Extensions from Themeco


Everyone knows about the popular plugins for WordPress like MailChimp, Olark, Visual Composer, and Content Dock. Taken separately, I’d say that every premium plugin is priced somewhere between $50 and $200. Their utility is unquestionable. However, X Theme has only just incorporated a series of extensions that have been altered to bring in added value.

The mutations applied by Themeco’s experts in conjunction with third-party specialists serve to alleviate the performance of your website, and encourage fast page loading. Besides, they all add up to $1000, yet are offered AT NO CHARGE with every unique copy of X Theme. The point is that you should verify each purchase, in order to unlock these treats.

The further addition of extensions has been promised, and users stand by to receive them as soon as they appear. Automatic updates for all lifetime are included in the package, as well.

Easy-breezy Comment Section



As you know, Facebook is the declared monarch of social networking. There are a number of ways whereby your website users can bridge the gap between Facebook and your site. The difference between a Like and a comment lies in the level of involvement that relates back to your site.

You should try to encourage actual conversations, since they can motivate more of your audience to take an active interest in the website content. X Theme incorporated an extension for Facebook comments, which makes it easy to set up a comment system on your web page, and even easier to manage it.

Out-of-order Signs



There is no way you can avoid the fabled Under construction pitfall, which translates in failure to deliver users to a certain web page. These moments/hours/days in the dark have never been tolerated well by the public at large. No worries, there is something you can do about that. Namely, you can use the savvy extension from X Theme to erase the unpleasantness of it all.

Insert a soothing background image, customize colors at will, set up a ‘back-to-life’ countdown timer, link out to your social profiles, and crack up a silly joke like your visitors receiving the e-mail about your e-mail not working, or something like that. Suddenly, it’s not such a big cause for concern.

Opting in with Style


One of the best things you can do to make sure that more of your guests become long-term partners, is to secure friendly-looking registration forms. The bigger the impression they make on casual passers-by, the better. Seeing as MailChimp is the go-to marketing solution, X Theme prepared a special integration with this tool, for your convenience.

The extension enables you to customize fabulous sign-up forms that your viewers will find difficult to overlook. Use a template, widget, or shortcode function to place your fresh forms in any area of your website, and watch as more and more people opt in for your newsletters.

Out-of-this-world Slides


The content of your websites should be anything but dull. As such, integrating a slider would generate a multitude of benefits regarding user experience. You could try for the age-old fade-and-slide transition effect with your content of choice, or push things forward with a 3D, zoom, or parallax transition.

Slider Revolution is one of the most appreciated and heavy-weight plugins, yet X Theme gives you all of its sophisticated options and animations in the shape of an extension that is light as a feather. Can’t believe your eyes? Try the WYSIWYG slide editor, and insert captions using pre-made animations, or forge others.

Effective Client Support


You wouldn’t believe how much it matters for a buyer to be met with quality customer support. A quick and truly helpful response would pave the way for future collaboration, while lack of timely communication from your part might make you look inconsiderate, potentially driving that and all other distressed customers away.

Olark is a service for sales and support, and it gets along famously with X Theme. Feel free to sign up as you’re making your website, and then place the provided site ID into your plugin. You now have a welcoming help desk where you can deal with all of your customers’ concerns.

The Future Smiles Upon Us

No wonder that X Theme is gathering more and more supporters by the day. There is every reason to work with a WordPress theme that gives you so much to begin with. Above all, it means that you don’t have to waste your time going on a wild goose chase to look for individual resources, and throw money out the window. Keep your finances in check, and choose a powerful theme that includes the aforementioned extensions (and many others) for free.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.