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From the Minimalist to the Decadent – 30 Impressive Workspace Photos

Your workspace and your bed must be the most comfortable places in your house or office because you spend a lot of time on both of them. They must reflect your personality and must give you the feeling of coziness. There isn’t a pattern of a perfect workspace because it differs from person to person but I believe that all of them are sharing some common things like the balance between the owner’s private and professional life, the “organized mess” that gives the ability to reach or find everything you need fast or the little things which are help relaxing.

In this article you can see a showcase of 30 superb photos with many types of workspaces which I hope you’ll enjoy. Between them you’ll find photos with the workspace of Dieter Rams, Yves Saint Laurent and a few other celebrities. I didn’t wrote their name above the pictures because I want you to find them.

yves saint laurent


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